20 Awesome Epaulette Tattoos

20 Awesome Epaulette Tattoos

Epaulettes are not a common tattoo design nowadays, but it has got old cultural roots in prison tattoos, especially in Russia.

The shoulder pad used by Russian thieves for tattoos is made of cords and called epaulette by military men (from French language "little shoulder"). 

It is commonly found in the uniforms of army's officers, and thus used by thieves to show a high rank in the mafia or gang. But it isn't a prison tattoo anymore, and modern ink lovers have twisted it to a more glorious meaning. Of course, war veterans and soldiers use it to show their time in the army and proudness to protect their country. But they can also show the warrior inside any man, and is often a recreation of an armor shoulder pad, with Viking or knight badass details.

But it is not a man-only tattoo. All the contrary, actually. The shoulder is a very elegant placement for feminine tattoos too and the epaulette can definitely get the sexy touch. The precious texture of cords or with some adds of lace and flowers, you've got a very beautiful ornamental tattoo here, which doesn't mean it is meaningless. High ranks and royal status are suiting girls too!

So let's take a look a those 20 example of tattoos to adorn your shoulders, from epic to classy, with a hint of seduction.
Very rad epaulette by Valentin Hirsh!
This is the awesome work of master Tim Hendricks on beautiful model Alysha Nett.
A better view of Alysha... She is also gracing the top of the article...(Top photo by Scott Worldwide)
An old Russian mafia tattoo shot by Sergei Vasiliev. The epaulette means that this guy was an important thief in the gang. The skull in the centre of the epaulette can stand for: 'I am not and will never be a slave, no one can force me to work'.
Another Russian tattoo photography.
dotwork by Seth Arcane.
Gorgeous picture by Matt Fry. Epaulettes on girls are just badass.
The gorgeous work of ornamental master Marco Manzo.
By Justin Gahn.
Final Fantasy inspired shoulder pad. Tell us if you know who is the artist.
Fine work and texture here. Tough girl!
Very nice old school tattoo.
Elegant piece by Didem Soydan.
With a Christ's face, by Bob le Blobb.
Epic celtic armor.
Badass shoulder pad with gorgeous details!
By Angela de Rosette.
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