30 Creative Tattoos For Artists

30 Creative Tattoos For Artists

For artists, creating is an obsession, a way of living, but also a great pride...
There are all kind of artists, from painters, illustrators, tattoo artists, graffiti artists, photographers, designers, seamstresses, and all the crafty people who are creating amazing things with only their hands and imagination... They live for art, ready to die for it, whether they become famous and rich or not, because it is just into their guts. And sometimes, it is also into their skin. For many people, a simple pencil is just an ordinary object. For artists, it is the key to another world. Each of their tool is so precious that they want to tattoo them. Artists' tattoos are of course ...very artistic ! And they often remind the type of art they prefer, from graffiti to comics, and from painting to etching. It is thus coming as no surprise that those tattoos are frequently in graphic, new school or trash polka styles.
So, is your whole life dedicated to creation to the extent of getting an artist's tattoo? What kind of artist are you? Tell us and show us your tattoos!
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Meanwhile, artist or not, check those 30 imaginative tattoos for artists...
Great graphic chestpiece with artist's hands and art supplies by Josh Payne.
Small tattoo of a painter's palette by Lucy Hu.
Realistic artist's Tools by Andrea Lanzi.
Another Art+Death new school piece by David Tevenal.
Art Inside an anatomical heart by Dustin Golden.
Nice black and grey piece of airbrushing artist's tools by Estefan.
Amazing Tools by Jeff Gogue!
Not need to draw to be an artist: crafty people also create art!
I make stuff! Work for artists and seamstresses. By Andee Penner.
Another designer's tattoo.
The seamstress' Tools.
Keep creating.
Photographers also have a weakness for camera tattoos. Here a vintage one by Lippo.
Very creative tattoo by Helma van der Weide, and great photography!
Fun pic!
Another vintage camera by Joaquim Cruz.
The artist's most important piece of advice: NEVER QUIT CREATING! By Javier Eastman, almost looking real!
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