30 Exquisite Whale Tattoos

30 Exquisite Whale Tattoos

Living in the depth of the oceans, this gigantic mammal has always been the source of men's fascination, both positive and negative.
Whales were, for a long time, the fear of the sailors, scared by their size and their mysterious and placid moving, but also by their strenght, when captured by the whalers, preying for their amber. The most famous of these 'oceans monsters' is of course Moby Dick, the famous white whale of Herman Melville's novel. Now, whales are still hunted, and endangered. But many people try to protect them. We can quote the association Sea Shepherd, which often associates itself with tattoo artists and international tattoo conventions to raise money to save and protect sea life
As yes, whale has its place in tattoo art. Of course, with sailors impact in American traditional tattoos. But this peaceful and beautiful animal is also worth staying in our skins forever, with its harmonious shapes and connections to dreams. Indeed, the giant of depths is often used in fantastic literature (for example in the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and surrealist art, flying in the sky as elegantly as in the water. If you wish to get a badass whale, showing your strenght and bigger than life side, you would prefer old school or new school designs. In these styles, the whale is often wrecking boats or fighting octopus. You can also wish to add some religious references with the story of Jonah, swallowed by a whale (no, whales don't eat humans !). But if you favor a more poetic, peaceable aspect of this mammal, you will find some inspirations with cartoons, dotwork, graphic and realistic tattoos. Last but not least, tribal inspired designs are also gorgeous and meaningful as the people of the Pacific show many respect for their silent neighbors..
Ready to dive with the whales? Take a look at these beautiful and varied whale tattoos... And remember: saving whales, saving animals are important for the future of Earth and our own future.
Haha, fun new school sailor whale!
A Moby Dick's inspired backpiece.
Pretty lines in this tattoo by Miss Juliet.
The graphic work of Mirco Is Dead.
Epic backpiece by Matt Broka!
Gagsta whale by Mari at Giahi, fun!
How poetic is this Hitchhiker' Guide of the Galaxy whale tattoo by Marcin Surowiek?
Great Polynesian style tattoo by Manu Farrarons.
Poor attacked whale by Lorenzo Anzini.
The cartoonish creative work of Kofi.
The sketch style of Julia Rehme.
Traditional whale playing with a ship, by Jonas Uggli.
Realistic black and grey piece showing Jonah swallowed by the whale. Poor Jonah!
Nice Japanese-like sleeve by Jimmy Duvall.
The odd artistic take of Expanded Eye.
Cute piece by Duza.
Nice one by Donovan Hernandez.
Traditional chespiece epicness by Chriss Dettmer!
Muscular whale by Blue Cat, don't mess with it!
And a very aesthetic tattoo by Ba_Ck.
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