30 Insanely Incredible Hyper Realism Tattoos

30 Insanely Incredible Hyper Realism Tattoos

We salute some of the world's best hyper realism tattoos and artists featured in this article for their true dedication to the work..
..and, of course, unique eye for detail. These 30 insanely incredible hyper realism tattoos aren't so easy to pull off. That's why they're unique this way. If you're looking to get a realistic tattoo, you might wanna add any of these tattooers to your bucket list. After scrolling through the blog we're pretty sure you will! ;) Enjoy!
One of the qualities of a good realism tattoo is the fine attention and patience with details. Not everybody can master patience. Tattoo by Niki Norberg.
Artist: Niki Norberg
As a whole piece it just looks so badass! Artist: Niki Norberg.
Realism tattoos, niki norberg
Realism tattoos may take a while to do depending on your chosen artist. He/she may prefer to take their time to achieve the best work possible. So be patient & don't rush your artist. :) by Niki Norberg
DMITRIY SAMOHIN, (Odessa, Ukraine)
Realism involves patient application of a lot of colors to maximize its vibrance.
It's so realistic it almost looks 3D! Artist: Dmitriy Samohin.
For intense, photo-realistic portraits, check out the works of Nikko Hurtado (artist of this piece), Roman Abrego, Dmitriy Samohin, Mike Devries, Niki Norberg, Alex Rodolfo, Matteo Pasqualin. These are just a few! The rest is for you to find out! ;)
This tattoo evokes nostalgia. Dramatically Awesome work by Matteo Pasqualin.
Love the soft & light tones that make the diamonds shine. Tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin.
Sceneries are also good realistic subject matters. :) Matteo Pasqualin seems to be so good at it.
A.D. PANCHO, Rock n Roll Tattoo & Piercing (Katowice, Poland)
The contrast of light & dark is essential to achieve the realistic & life-giving look.
Awe, this melt my heart. <3 Beautiful soft tones & lighting.
This dude knows how to chill.
JUN CHA, tattoo for tattoo artists
Boy was that mindblowing or what?! To get tattoos from any of these artists would be a dream!

Know anyone who's good at hyper realism? We want to meet them. Let their names be known by typing them in the comments section. We hope you enjoyed this article. :)
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