40 Vivid Hindu Inspired Tattoos

40 Vivid Hindu Inspired Tattoos

These gorgeous hindu inspired tattoos are a tribute to one of the richest culture in the world and are a delight for the eyes.
Hindu culture is fascinating and a great source of inspiration for tattoo designs. Hindu gods, with their dynamic poise, epic look and luxury of intricate details are just perfect for bold pieces. They can express a variety of feelings from peace to badassery, and allow a sense of humor and glimpse of pop culture. They can be adaptated in every tattoo style, close to tradition or freed by modernity.
And of course, the main thing in Hindu culture is color. Amazing vivid colors ! Hindu inspired designs are often displaying a full range of neon pink, blue, green, yellow and orange. They are also great deal for purple ink, trendy again, which is a great news as it is a great bold color. Thus Hindu inspired tattoos are making gorgeous eye-catching colorful tattoos that rock, alone or in compositions close to Japanese traditional tattoos with flowers, clouds or waves.
Another intricate and colorful Vishnu half sleeve.
fun Kali tattoo by Vinz Flag
Amazing and badass tattoo of goddess Kali by Valerie Vargas. Kali is a bit of a creepy lady, but she protects of evil. Tad feminist too haha!
Ganesh is of course one of the most popular Hindu design. This elephant god helps to overcome obstacles and he is also a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. That's a very nice graphic version by Tania Catclaw.
A full Ganesh sleeve by Stoo of Iron Ink (photo by Diego Molero).
Hindu culture tattoo, cartoon-style hand tattoo
Old school Kali tattoo by Shaun Bailey
Pretty sacred cow tattoo by Sergej Rakov.
This Kali new scgool piece is amazing! Great work by Rob Noseworthy!
Bollywood mood for this sleeve by ReInkarnation.
Can you spot the Ganesh god in this breath-taking geometric tattoo by Orge Kalodimas???
Badass witty hand tattoo by the great Niki Norberg!
Very good looking backpiece by Monica Moro.
A vivid Ganesh by Mike Davis.
Another great Kali tattoo by Koan.
Epic Kali backpiece!
Awesome Kali sleeve by Nat Jean!
Famous big stomach tattoo made by Jondix: wow!
Another Krishna tattoo by Jeff Gogue.
Badass Ganesh sleeve by Jee Sayalero.
And this one is by the great Ivana Belakova!
Realistic statue effect by Ivan Yug.
You can also go for a more discreet yet feminine design, here by Harry, of Poissy.
Gorgeous piece by Guru Tattoo! The colors just rock!
Half geometric, half tribal for Genko.
And a more new school version, also by Genko.
Classic version here. Who is the artist? Do you know?
Amazing backpiece!
Black and grey sacred cow by Eric Jason D'Souza.
Shiva is the god of destruction, but he destroys only to transform and create again. Nice graphic tattoo by David Côté.
MOST EPIC BACKPIECE EVER. What do you think of this tattoo by Darcy Nutt???
Tattoo by Boris of Wien.
New school Ganesh by Artur Nakolet.
By Andrew Barkov aka Grimmy3D.
Sexy sleeve by Anderson Luna.
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