50 Poetic Origami Tattoos

50 Poetic Origami Tattoos

If you like origami but don't have the patience to fold, just enjoy those creative and inspiring origami tattoos...
Origami is an ancient traditional Japanese art (the name comes from the japanese ori 'folding' and kami 'paper'). It consists in folding sheets of paper to recreate the shape of an animal or an object. As Japanese culture has got a huge influence on tattoo art, origami naturally found its way into the mnd of ink lovers and artists.
Conceptual piece by Aga Yadou.
Elegant, delicate and poetic, the origami designs are making original tattoos, coveted in particular for small minimalistic pieces. But it is also great with colors and more complex patterns, allowing a lot of creativity and uniqueness. The cranes are of course the most popular origami tattoos, along with paper planes and boats, but you can choose your own favorite animal. As the geometric and graphic tattoos are trending, why not getting your inspiration into an admirable ancient art which inspires peace, relaxation and beauty?
Hints of watercolor in this discreet and feminine tattoo by Aivaras Lee.
Beautiful thigh tattoo by Allie Already.
Realistic 3D tattoo by Andrey Lelyuk.
Small but cute: an origami cat by Bob Fizz.
Folded elephant by BSA.
The colorful version of Candeleria Carballo.
Bold and great tattoo by Cody Eich.
Pure poetry by Deanna Wardin.
Minimalistic wrist tattoo by Dr Woo.
Awesome elephant. We couldn't find the name of the artist, if you know, please help us crediting him.
The lovely work of Erika Harris shot by Shira Stoll.
Good idea for a matching friend tattoo!
Graphic piece by Gene Coffey.
Folded paper birds want to fly too. By Ilia Brezinski.
Simple yet strong, by Ivan Hack.
Gorgeous realistic tattoo by Jartsa!
Sidepiece by Jonathan Earl De Pyper.
Cosmic origami by Karl Hung.
Nice little paper boat by Koray Karagözler.
Nice design by Left Hand Roma.
Unique tattoo by Lionel Fahy.
Watercolor again, by Lu Pariselli.
Cute fox by Madame Chän.
Love the blue splatter, by Madame Chän too.
Fantastic piece by Maïka Zayagata!
Origami looks great both on men and women. Some sick tattoos here by Maxime Buchi.
The work of Miss Juliet is pretty.
WOW! Pure art and gorgeous details on this tattoo by Mulie Addlecoat! Instant fav!
Creative tattoo by Nikos of Anomaly Tatouage.
Gorgeous graphic tattoo by NOON!
You can also pick the old school treatment.
Original traditional tattoo.
Creative piece by Ondrash.
A very poetic tattoo in the spirit of calligraphy and Japanese culture.
Great origami bird.
The original work of Peter Aurisch.
Red ink is also a nice idea for simple tattoos such as origami.
Love these paper butterflies by Richie at Power Custom Tattoo Parlour.
Elegant and refined tattoo by Seb Inkme.
Can you spot the origami animals in this creative tatoo by Sky of L'Art du Point?
Close-up on a Japanese culture inspired sleeve.
Beautiful tattoo by Tania Catclaw.
Pretty piece by Victor Octaviano.
Gorgeous! By Yanina Viland.
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