A Tattooed Mother, So What?

A Tattooed Mother, So What?

Motherhood is a private, personal thing, and the same goes for your body!
If you are tattooed, you probably have witnessed the judgmental stares of strangers in public places. Those who tend to judge a book by its cover will place all sorts of negative labels on a person, simply because of their ink. For tattooed mothers especially, this can be unfair and hurtful, as people can ignorantly label them "bad mothers" because of their tattoos. For those mothers today, let's fix this! In a modern, educated world, you shouldn't have to be judged and to choose between a normal life and body art. Mums + Tattoos = NOT A PROBLEM! Say it loud: Yes, I am tattooed and I am a F***ing good mother! I'm not at a Freakshow Haters, stop looking and pointing at tattooed mothers and their children as if they were circus phenomenons. A person's ink is not here for your entertainment or to give you a subject of denigration. Didn't your own mother teach you about politeness? Maybe their mothers did. Maybe their mothers were tattooed… Subcutaneous art doesn’t prevent you from being well educated. However, a narrow mind might.
Circus family circa 1965 by photographer Todd Walker.
Tattoos don’t make me irresponsible Of course tattooed mothers can be good mums! They have the same full time job as every other mother: ensuring their kids are in good health, raising them as best they can and keeping them happy. Their bags are full of emergency things, just as any other mother’s bag, and they struggle with the same problems as you do, because being a mother is a tough job, independent of the number of tattoos on your body. Spending time in tattoo shops is how they take a break, the same way you go to the spa. And tattooed mothers won’t tattoo their kids, nor encourage them to do so. Maybe their children will decide that they don’t want to be heavily tattooed. Are you a copycat of your parents?
Tattoos are my mother’s job There are plenty of mothers in the tattoo industry, working as artists or models. It’s their job, their passion, and their way to make a living so that their children can have the best life possible and have opportunities in the future, such as a college education. Yes, tattoed mothers think of their offspring’s future too and working with tattoos doesn’t mean partying all the time nor necessarily exposing themselves for pictures. It's hard work and it's their work. Respect that.
Model and TV judge Sabina Kelley is a mother of three.
Tattooed and pregnant There are a lot of scandalmongers at work with tattooed expecting mothers. They say: "their belly tats will become distorted and ugly". Actually, it is not often the case and, even if it happens, it is quite the same as having a C-section scar; just a side effect of a beautiful moment in a woman’s life. It’s her body, not yours. It's her life, not yours. They also say: "Tattoo pigments will give her a tumor if she gets an epidural with that tramp stamp". This is highly speculative, as a doctor would tell you, and not based on medical evidence. Same with many myths about radiology and ink. Mostly, they say: "Getting a tattoo during pregnancy is irresponsible". Of course, there is always the risk of infection, but this is as small as for any other person. There is no proof that ink have bad effects on fetal life. It is way more dangerous to get a henna (even if it is considered as a good omen in some cultures). And, just in case: tattooed pregnant women are not idiots. They can rely on their doctors in case of doubts. And on their tattoo artist as well.
Photo credit Armand Johnson.
That thing called Love And, finally, a very obvious point. Tattooed mothers love their children as much as any other mother. There are good and bad mums everywhere, but having tattoos doesn’t automatically make you a bad mother. You know inside your heart what kind of mother you are and your child also knows it... Is it so important that haters know it too?
A mother’s love is perfect and so is a tattooed mother’s love. And this is also true for tattooed fathers. We love tattooed families!

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