Aging Ink

We have talked about Tattoos and Aging before but the question "how will tattoos look like when you're older?" seems to be the first go-to.
When you’re young, being old is the last thing on your mind. The hard truth is that it’s inevitable. Although not every culture has a bitter view on living elderly in fact, getting up there in years is honored as a sign of wisdom in many parts of the world. It might be a scary thought now but that’s just because there’s a whole lot of living, memory making and tattoos to get as reminders before everything slows down. What else will we have to do if we’re fortunate enough to live for 7, 8, or 9 decades but tell stories? That’s exactly what tattoos are and they should be cared for just like we should care for ourselves.
The keys for aging gracefully are skin care, diet, and vitamins. You only get one body, inked or not it’s worth taking care of. Free radicals a term used to describe damaged cells ruthlessly trash the human anatomy. Cigarette smoke and alcohol are both huge sources of free radicals. Antioxidants are needed to repair free radical damage; they’re found in fruits and vegetables. They can also be taken in supplements and vitamins A, C, and E. UV rays from the sun are cause for wrinkles and that look of leather in the skin. Don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat healthy, moisturize and exfoliate your skin. Also limit unnatural sugars and sun exposure. Sounds like a list of fun. Seriously though, these are things your body will thank you for and later on you’ll be thankful for it too.
One of our very own Tattoodo readers, Marilyn Lawrence-Norris from Wetumpka, Alabama has volunteered her tattoo for this article on aging ink. Marilyn said she grew up in an era where tattoos “were more or less considered not for ladies. It stands for a sweet memory,” she said referencing the yellow rose she had inked on her shoulder blade at 47 years old. See her photo below and other examples of aged ink that still rocks.
Chicago resident Helen Lambin started getting tattooed in her 70's.
"I'll only get tattoos in places I don't mind showing the world." She told the Chicago Tribune in 2011.
Her tattoos are an excellent bridge to the youth. She now has more than 50.
Ray Youngman did most of the work on this heavy metal inspired piece owned by Lucky Louie.
20 year old tattoo by Ray Youngman, recolored 10 years ago by Hannah Aitchison.
Laura Paciorek's poetic 5 year old script. Tattoo by Cody of Dead Serious Tattoos.
Teri Shiley's nearly 6 year old lukenbooth design she got as matching anniversary ink with her husband. Done at Pores of Color in Frankfort Illinois by Dennis.
Then and now, 60 year old tattoos on Bob Shaw. All original artwork done by Bert Grimm in 1940.
Hebrews 6:19 anchor done at Old Town Tatu in Chicago Illinois. The bold will hold.
20 + year old tattoo of a yellow rose Marilyn (mentioned above) got as a permanent memory of a close friend who passed away too soon from cancer. How much was it back then? $35.
Fabulously representing today's future grandmothers.
Forever young is a state of mind.
Aging tattoo
Aging tattoo
Aging tattoo
How I'll feel about my tattoos years from now.
Why not show them off whenever you can?
Old, inked, and awesome.
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