Top 12 Ripped Athletes With Tattoos

Top 12 Ripped Athletes With Tattoos

Athletes are awesome. Tattoos are awesome. Ripped athletes with tattoos are DOUBLE-AWESOME!!!

Here you get 10 amazing combinations of muscles and tattoos. What else could you want? 

1. Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson - WWE Wrestling Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - the most popular of these guys has two tattoos. One of them is a modern single design on his right upper arm of a bull. However, his second tattoo was a departure from modern tattoo design, being a traditional Samoan style of tattoo all over his left shoulder, which has been copied by many world wide. Maybe of the most famous tattoos from celebrities right now.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
2. Pham Woodbridge - Fitness One the most popular tattoo athletes when it comes to fitness. Featured in many magazine because of his amazing athletic body and amazing tattoos. A truly inspiration for all who wants to workout btw. started from nothing and got far by working hard, and serious in the gym.
Pham Woodbridge - Fitness
3. David Beckham - Football Football’s pretty boy! His tattoos celebrate his professional and personal achievements – championships, finding love, having children, all depicted in ink.
David Beckham
4. George Waszczuk - Fitness A very known professional fitness coach - very amazing tattoos, and often known because of them and his modelly look.
George Waszczuk - Fitness
5. Birdman - Basketball He may not be the most amazing basketball player out there, but he DEFINITELY has the most intense tattoos! Fly Birdman, fly!!!
Birdman - Basketball
6. Jason Borrego - Bodybuilding You can famous bodybuilder who got a little love for tattoo's looks amazing and scary at the same time, but overall really great athlete and tattoo fan, looks great on these big arms!
Jason Borrego - Bodybuilding
7. Colin Kaepernick - American Football The star quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers (NINAZ!) has been working on his stats AND his ink. All he needs now is to bring a Championship to his city!
Colin Kaepernick - American Football
8. David McIntosh - All Around Bada$$ David McIntosh is a British television personality, model, bodybuilder and security operative. A former Royal Marines commando, he is a Gladiator on the Sky1 TV series Gladiators under the name Tornado.
David McIntosh
9. Tim Howard - Football Howard is one of the top keepers in Football and also the hero of the US Men's National Team, keeping their World Cup dreams alive as he blocked shot after shot for them. Besides the whole national hero thing, Howard's tattoo collection is SO extensive that he is one of the featured role models for PETA's "INK NOT MINK" campaign. Also, look up #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave memes - you WILL NOT regret it!
Tim Howard
10. James Ellington - Sprinter James Ellington is a British sprinter, who races in the 100 meters and 200 meters. He made his world senior championship debut at the 2011 World Championships.
James Ellington - Sprinter
11. Thiago Alves - UFC Alves is a certified beast in the Octagon and he also has a penchant for collecting ink, many of his pieces were done by Tattoodo's own Co-Founder, Ami James!
Thiago Alves
12. Daniel Agger - Football Amazing skills and amazing tattoos - Agger is the definition of persistence and intensity and his tattoos represent his Danish heritage and his Viking ancestors! In fact, his love for tattoos is so strong, he's a partner in Tattoodo - that's commitment! :D
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