16 Classic Vintage Car Tattoos

16 Classic Vintage Car Tattoos

They say that the way a man treats himself is the way he treats his car. So what kind of car are you?
Are you heavily tinted with mystery or blazing with flames of adventure? Are you a calm, smooth driver or a reckless daredevil? Are your colors a dark, glossy shade or bright & colorful under the sun?! Choose your dream - YOUR CAR!!!
Oh, if only we can choose a car as easy as tattoo designs it would be awesome! So let's give in to that idea for now, and take a look at these 16 classic & beautiful, modern & vintage car tattoos. Especially for car enthusiasts! Enjoy! :)
Tattoo by Joe Johns
Did you know? It was in the years 1782 when James Watt built the first ever engine crank, 1860 Jean Lenoir invents the spark plug and 1887 when The Benz became the first car offered for sale.
'54 Chevy by Johnny Smith
It was in 1901 when the first Grand Prix race was won at 46mph! Tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin.
Cadillacs look badass in any color! Even pink! Tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin.
Awesome work by Niki Norberg.
Vintage car tattoo
Here's a toy for the big boy! Tattoo by Dennis Sivak.
Take one, leave one: Which one would you take? The woman or the car?
Black & grey is always a classic.
Angled car parts make good half-sleeve tattoos.
Did you know? Travis Barker loves The Cadillac so much that he got two Cadillac tattoos. One on the chest, one on the rib cage. He says that it's the most beautiful car he's ever seen.
This is our good friend Mia with a Shelby Cobra on her forearm done by Carlo Gabiana in Cebu city, Philippines 'cause her husband's name is also Shelby! Cooolio!!!
Tattoo by Joann Atwood, San Diego CA.
The Cadillac by the amazing Cecil Porter.
A handsome Hot rod car truck '76 by Mike Devries.
Have a smooth, blazin' day! :) We hope you enjoyed this article.
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