20 Inspiring Lettering Tattoos

20 Inspiring Lettering Tattoos

Tattoos are associated with drawings, but another trend is leading it toward more literary content. Lettering tattoos are not simple though.

Sometimes, words and names begin to be as obsessive that you need to keep them forever on your flesh: the first name of a loved one, a word that describes your rules of life, a sentence written by a talented writer/songwriter or something wise you wish could lead your path. 

Lettering is probably one of the most personal and meaningful types of tattoos and that's why it is very important to get the right design and tattoo artist. 

1. First, make sure to choose the best looking fonts: the size, spacing and readability are extremely important. Even if you want something very small, your tattoo has to be clear and readable from a good distance, or when aging it will completely be illegible.

2. Then, check the spelling more than twice with your artist and relatives. Don't spend the rest of your life with one of those awful mistakes that you can see around the web. 

3. And finally: Think it through! What could sound cool one moment, is just painful, ridiculous or pointless later. Especially, if you've got the location wrong (no offensive words on your face, neck and hands please, be polite and act like a grown up). That being said, lettering allows all the fancies, associated with other elements, various fonts or creative tattoo style. Just make sure that your local artist has something in her/his portfolio close to your own desire.

But enough of advice...here's 20 various lettering tattoos for you! 

"Turk" by Bicem Sinik. Of course, letters are associated with knuckles tattoos.
"In Simplicity hides Genius" by Boog Star. Boog is famous for his Chicano letterings, and the tattoo here says it all: sometimes, just some words chosen with care can make a great tattoo.
"Just Breathe" by Deanna Wardin. Delicate hand-writing tattoo on the side with a strong meaning.
"Faith" by Joao Chavez. Calligraphy is beautiful, both on paper and on skin, especially for simple yet strong words.
"Sorry Mum another one" by Joey Ink Fever (translated from French). If you got room for another tattoo, an humorous message to your poor mother is definitely an option!!!!
"Just taste" by unknown artist (let us know). Lettering is a glamorous adornment on sexy locations such as the "3 B" : under the buttocks, breasts and belly...
"Memento Mori" by unknown artist. Of course there are some tattoo classics, but you can make your own design by teaming it with custom designs.
"Find what you love and let it kill you" by Lu Pariselli. Trash Polka inspired tattoos allow creativity to lettering.
Lyrics from a song of The Smiths, by Manuel Roxs. Songs are popular lettering tattoos, but you have to be sure this will still mean something to you in ten years.
"Madness" by Mikki Bold (translated from French). White ink is making the message more discreet, and words in foreign languages are always more mysterious...
"California dream" by Mirco is Dead Campioni. The graphic style gives a cool aspect to a simple phrase.
"Memories over material" by Norm Will Rise. Loops looks great, but too much are interfering with the reading so tell your artist to keep it simple.
"To love in spite of all" by unknown artist.Red Ink is also a bold option for lettering and backgrounds of black writings.
"You've got to get up and try" by Sadhu le Serbe. Quotes, lyrics, words, first names but also motivational phrases are coveted for lettering tattoos to keep them in mind (and skin) forever.
"To die, to sleep, perchance to dream" by unknown artist. Famous Shakespeare's Hamlet's quote, in very basic letters: simple yet effective.
"No one else will have me like you do" by unknown artist. Lettering could also be for lovers... but remember: tattoos are eternal, love not necesserily!
"Keep Smiling" by unkown artist. Location, location... Pay attention to where you put your tattoo, it is better when it follows the shapes and moves of your body.
"The only thing I have to offer is myself, the only thing I can do is to devote myself." by Taiom (translated from Portuguese, thanks!). Quote by Fabio Pedrosa in a rough draft graphic version.
"We are Stardust" by Thomas Sinnamond. This lyrics from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young is very dear to me, and it is making a very unique and rad tattoo.
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor" by Oked. Creative typography is an option, but remember it has to be readable from afar.
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