20 Striking, Stunning & Realistic Eye Tattoos

20 Striking, Stunning & Realistic Eye Tattoos

The Eye as a tattoo subject is becoming a trend nowadays and we see great potential in it! It symbolizes an open mind: all-seeing and aware.
It signifies wisdom, clear thinking & the presence of light - for without light we see nothing. The Eye can also mean awakening of who we truly are - that we are all really deathless souls having human experiences. So enjoy life while we're here! Enjoy the sights, explore the world, see tattoos in a whole new light and indulge in these 20 striking, stunning &a realistic eye tattoos. :) Enjoy!
We're loving the cool shades of purple & blue! Beautiful tattoo by Mike Shultz.
Realistic eye tattoo
It's a fun & trippy subject that's versatile in different tattoo styles!
The Predator is watching.
Diggin' this unusual style by Florian Karg.
Tattoo by Florian Karg.
The eye completes the whimsical abstract effect. Done by Florian Karg.
Artist: Florian Karg.
Hamsa eye tattoo
The Eye of Horus by Fred Stefani.
The Eye of Providence is usually visualized in a triangle which signifies the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit.
An eye candy of watercolors by Julian Oh.
Watching round the clock?! cool style by John Duffy.
The hands are common placements for the triangular eye.
Yech!! Mad hand tattoo by Kyle Cotterman (Dayton, OH)
Scary eye tattoo
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Cover photo by John Anderton.
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