30 Adventurous Pirate Tattoos

30 Adventurous Pirate Tattoos

Time for some adventure: grab a good bottle of rum, we're going to sail the seven seas to find some fights and treasures.
Or if you are seasick and not keen about that wooden leg thing, you can also show your buccaneer's side with some badass tattoos. With their face tanned by sun and salt, their eye patch and ferocious look, pirates are making some cool portrait tattoos. Always ready to party, they are awesome friends with great conversation but don't mess with them, they are armed and dangerous! And ladies, it is also a job about sex equality, as there are many many pirate girls in tattoo, even if women were not highly welcomed on ships at the time. But now, they're doing things well, threatening and sacking poor travellers as cruelly as men, but wearing sexy outfits of course! If you want to show your pirate's pride and feeling of belonging to the corsair's world, you can also ink your fantasy pirate ship, banner or iconic skull. You're laughing at death and omens? Good, you're the own master of your ship, so sail away!
Either you were a pirates movies die hard as a kid or a day-dreamer who enjoy those stories of complete freedom, epic adventures and dark legends, you could find some great reasons to get a pirate tattoo, beside the fact they are just looking badass!
Calling to all the ship's girls and boys out there! If you are ready for a pirate's life, prepare to be boarded by those 30 epic pirate tattoos.
That's one spooky zombie pirate by Arlo Dicristina!
Pirate is also a job for girls. Black and grey sleeve by Bez Triplesix.
Insane backpiece by black and grey master Carlos Torres!
Great Jack Sparrow portrait by Carlox Angarita.
Ready for adventure with this piece by Casey Anderson.
Badass backpiece by Curtis Burgess!
Pirate lady by Dawnii Fantana.
Great hat on this pin-up by Dirty Roses.
The classic pirate ship by Easy Sacha.
Cheeky little piratess by Eric Juiken.
Neo traditional look by Hakan Havermark.
Some badass skull pirate and his hook by Jake Gardner.
New school backpiece by Jee Sayalero.
Pirate skull in black and grey by Jenzie.
Cartoonish chestpiece by Jimmy Duvall from Norway.
This pirate pinup by Joe Capobianco surely has got the sexy ingredient!
Gorgeous hand tattoo by Lars Uwe.
Fun Pirate Lego, artist unknown, please tell us in comments if you know.
What is a pirate without a mysterious treasure map? Great underskin tattoo by Lippo!
Cute pinup by Marija Asanovski.
Don't forget the Parrot! By Matt Difa.
Amazing realistic portrait of Dustin Hoffman in movie Hook by Megan Massacre!
Dark gorgeous tattoo by Mike DeVries.
Love the look of this pirate by Mike Stockings!
The impressive work of Nikko Hurtado.
Fun pirate ship.
By Sam Clark.
Badass knee tattoo by Simon Erl!
Fancy piratess by Steffi Boecker at Straight Ink in Brandenburg, Germany.
Great pirate thigh tattoos!
In love with the work of Valerie Vargas....
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