30 Beautiful, Vibrant & Relaxing Nature Tattoos

30 Beautiful, Vibrant & Relaxing Nature Tattoos

Today let's calm our souls & tune in to the natural world. A collection of beautiful, vibrant and relaxing nature tattoos to inspire you!
Just this moment - forget about work, forget bills, forgive your enemies, release all the emotional baggages and be grateful to have lived another day - another chance to witness the Dream. The world is too beautiful and some of us are mindless that we only get to experience it once. Concrete walls and floors have masked the beautiful face of mother nature. It is time that we unmask her. We believe with empowering one another (with or without tattoos) we can make the world a better place!
Pull you back towards love. For once, let's just chill out. So sit back, be inspired and freshen your sights. God bless our beautiful planet. Enjoy! :)
Isn't it wonderful how the pristine Lotus grew from mud?
Beautiful nature tattoo
From insect to human, everyone is cared for by Mother Nature.
So let's take care of her, like she does for ourselves & our children. How do we do that? Let's express our love to it & get involved.
Save the trees. Preserve our rainforests. Stand up for the environment. Nature tattoo
Because everything we do on Earth, reverberates to eternity... and affects the cosmos!!! Earth tattoo
Some of nature's wonders... the stars and a snowflake. Tattoo by Marcin Surowiec.
"If you really love a flower, don't pick it. Because if you do, it ceases to live." A very dainty tattoo by Marcin Surowiec.
The wilderness. Tattoo by Marcin Surowiec.
It would be so refreshing to get ride a boat here. Tattoo by Pepa
Nature tattoos make beautiful memorial tattoos of memorable places. Tattoo artist: Samuele Briganti.
We all need a retreat from the material & busy world from time to time.
Beautiful tattoo!
Dare to explore the Universe! Ride the adventure! Nature tattoo
How many creatures can you spot? Awesome tattoo by Nick Chaboya, Seventh Son Tattoo
We are all made up of stars. Nick Chaboya, Seventh Son Tattoo
Nature is the Art of God which no one can ever improve. Tattoo by Russ Abbott. Nature Tattoo by Russ Abbott
With all the vastness of the universe and multitude of species, would you believe that there is actually a mermaid? Tattoo artist: Daniel Rocha
Beautiful silhouettes of stillness & motion.
Colorful nature tattoo
Beautiful ocean life tattoo
"As the smallest drop of water detached from the Ocean contains all the qualities of the ocean, so man, detached in consciousness from the Infinite, contains within him its likeness; And as the drop of water must, by the law of its nature, ultimately find its way back to the ocean & lose itself in its silent depths, so must man, by the unfailing law of his nature, at last return to his source, and lose himself in the great ocean of the infinite." ~ said James Allen (1864-1912). WORD. m/
Makes you wanna jump right in. Ocean tattoo.
Amazing bio-organic Venus fly trap by Nick Baxter
Serenity tattoo
Tattoo by Apo Whang Od from the Philippines.
Check out this fully healed hand-tapped tattoo done by Apo Whang Od from the Philippines. Their tribal designs are actually nature patterns and the tools used were natural materials (citrus thorns & soot/ashes). The first band is a pattern for "pathways", hence its zigzag appearance, the 2nd are the sun & the mountains, the repetition signifies everyday life, and the 3rd band means the "third eye" which lets us see our connection to the spiritual world.
It's awesome how the tattoo progress is similar to the tree's.
LET IT GROW. Awesome nature tattoo
Now is the time to change our ways. There's too much consumerism and excess materials being created out of natural resources for us foolish humans. Even animals had to suffer for it. Let it not be too late when we realize that we needed our forests, our waters, our trees and clean air to live a healthy, happy & harmonious long life. It's what really matters.
Read about, get involved or make a donation to any of these organizations (Greenpeace, Earth's endangered species, Worldwide Fund for Nature) to help save our precious planet! Our children need it!
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