35 Alphonse Mucha Inspired Tattoos

35 Alphonse Mucha Inspired Tattoos

Czech artist Alphons Maria Mucha (also Alphonse Mucha) has created one of the most important art movement of the early 20th century.
Inspiring painting, design and also architecture called the Art Nouveau (from French language 'new art'). His distinctive style, originally used for magazines and advertising illustrations, is also a popular reference for tattoo designs because of both its simplicity and ornamental details. The central element of each design is a beautiful young woman, with extraordinary hair, romantic dress and of course, a huge amount of flowers and natural elements. The colors, warm and elegant, are often very vivid and reminding of luxury and luminous stained glasses, associated with the old Paris and its elegant cabaret ladies. Very feminine of course, but also coveted by men, they are making intricate and colorful tattoos, very pleasing for the eyes. Copying art is never a bad idea for some successful ink, but of course, find a tattooist who is also an artist herself or himself!
Mucha's art has been copied many times and influenced many artists and art lovers, and many of them have got tattoos inspired by his masterpieces. If you like this artist or if his style appeals to you, go check his work for inspiration or take a look to what those 35 art connoisseurs have chosen for their Alphonse Mucha inspired tattoos.
This sleeve is by famous tattoo artist Scott Campbell, shot by Eric Jukelevics.
Graphic twist by Xoil.
Neat work by Victor Policheri.
Vivid flowers by Tim Beck.
This lovely tattoo is faithful to the Art Nouveau's spirit, by Stéphanie Washburn
Great colors by Sam Warren.
Romantic tattoo by Sam Smith.
This sleeve by Rachel Baldwin has got a luxury of flowery détails.
Rad backpiece in this photography by Tinebra.
Wow, gorgeous photography by Loren Gonzalez Duran of model Ninette Shibara with her Mucha tattoo!
Nice light effects on this piece by Phil Holt.
Backpiece inspired by the illustration called Zodiac, by Mulysa Mayhem.
Gorgeous sidepiece! Do you know who is the artist?
Another unknown artist for this cool tattoo.
Promising work in progress (unknown artist too).
Inspired by one of Mucha's Byzantine Heads, the Brunette. Tattoo artist unknown too.
This piece of Mucha is called the Feather. By Mojoncio.
By Mez Love.
Elegant hand tattoo by Lucy Hu.
The Four Seasons by Larry Brogan.
Awesome backpiece by Lacie Frain.
Working great also in linework, by Joshua Wilder.
Just a detail picked on a Mucha stained glass: lovely Art Nouveau flowers by Jennifer Trok.
As usual, the work of Jeff Gogue is amazing.
A nice arm holding that doggy, by Javier Betancourt.
Tattoo by Jankowski.
Love this piece by Grindesign.
Delicate back tattoo by Electric Linda.
Realism masters also love Art Nouveau: here Dmitriy Samohin.
Nice leg tattoos by Dia Moeller.
Redhead Madness by Crispy Lennox.
Creepy Mucha inspired tattoo by Clod The Ripper.
Love the linework art of Cisco at LTW.
Backpiece by Chris Blinston.
Her hand is mixing with the dress, nice effect by Anil Gupta.
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