35 Urgent Time Tattoos

35 Urgent Time Tattoos

The clock is ticking and we're all going to the same place. We must live life to the fullest and maybe get a tattoo to remind that?
For centuries, humans have recalled their state of mortals with art's philosophy, with the famous Memento Mori (from Latin 'remember that you're going to die') or Carpe Diem ('seize the day'). Of course, this extended to tattoos, with sayings such as 'time waits for no man' and so, in every kind of ink style. Time tattoos are indeed using time related elements such as ancient hourglasses, clocks, pocket watches and even wrist watches. They are often teamed with badass skulls to mock the fear of death or with the name of loved departed. Sick of running after time? Get a broken clock or watch to show your freedom, or add a pair of wings. The hour inked inside your skin will last forever, so choose it wisely!
So, what time is it? Time to get a tattoo or to watch awesome tattoos perhaps? It is urgent to check those great 35 time tattoos!

P.S: If you know the name of the artists in pictures with missing credits, please tell us in the comments below.
Colorful stomach piece by Charlie of Getatattoo.
Another great clock hand tattoo.
Macabre mood here.
The intricate black and grey work of Ellen Westholm.
Who hasn't dream to break time? By Evgeniy Goryachiy.
Great graphic tattoo of this waking clock by G.rom of Artribal.
Another graphic tattoo.
Starting life as a fœtus, ending as a skeleton...
Sexy chest!
Evil hourglass.
Can you see the skull in this Ink Spot tattoo?
Nice Pocket Watch hand tattoo by Ion at Swahili Bob's tattoo, Sweden.
Feminine piece by Jacob Wiman.
Love the realism of this one by Jak Connolly!
Fun Watch tattoo by Jay Freestyle.
Great skull by Josh Duffy.
Looking so real, by master Khan!
Great winged hourglass on Laura Meekums, shot by Stuart Mitchell.
Cute bird by Marco Schmidgunst.
can you spot the child's face in this tattoo by Niko Inko???
3D effect for Olaf of Riga.
Intricate work of Rember Orellana, inspired by a painting of Karol Bak.
Love the black and grey realism of this sundial by Remis Cizauskas.
Who wants a real Rolex when you can have a Rolex tattoo????
This man will stand the test of time... if she is refering to her lover, we hope he will!
Dark graphic style by Timur Lysenko.
Time waits for no one, great lettering by TOON$.
Dali-style melting clock by Wardem Hugo.
Funky watercolor wrist tattoo!
Shoulder art by Xoil.
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