40 Colorful Fall Tattoos

40 Colorful Fall Tattoos

September, for many of us, means the end of summer time and the comeback of the bad weather.

You may not like going back to school or work or the idea of enduring another cold winter, and yet, perhaps you can enjoy the fall season. Yes, it is associated with death and loneliness: the leaves are dying, the animals are preparing for their long sleep. But for centuries, humans have celebrated fall and its romantic beauty.

Fall is, with spring, the season to admire the majesty of the trees. The last rays of sun, the gorgeous colors of the leaves, cool legends or great traditions such as grape-harvests or Halloween: there are many things to love in fall, and many ideas for stunning tattoo designs, in many different styles.

Fall leaves teamed with a pretty face are making a very sensual and visual tattoo. Here by Michele Turco.

If you are obsessed with bright colors and nature, and if you are looking for a unique tattoo, you may want to check these 40 red hot fall tattoos by some of the best tattoo artists of the world...

A watercolor lover? Red trees are a great idea for a trendy yet gorgeous tattoo. Artist unknown, please let us know.
The time and migratory birds are flying... Beautiful tattoo by Timur Lysenko.
Very nice mockingbird tattoo by Thea Duskin.
Rad 3D effect on these leaves by Teresa Sharpe.
Gorgeous grapes lady by Tamar Thorn.
Fall colors are spicing elegant Japanese sleeves such as this one by master Shige.
Badass backpiece by Semyon Seredin.
Spooky tree, announcing Halloween time, by Samuel Thomson of Blackwood Tattoo.
The orange is adding some dramatic effect here, by Richard Smith of Red Rocket Tattoo, NY.
Another pretty Fall girl, by Riccardo Cassese.
Incredible texture in this neck tattoo by Nathan Kotechko!
The four seasons according to Maris Pavlo.
Harmonious back tattoo with beautiful cranes, also by Maris Pavlo.
Original landscape leaf by Manoo Stich.
Amazing tree tattoo by Luba Goldina.
Another spooky sleeve by London Reese.
Interesting graphic tattoo, artist unknown.
A good cup of coffee to warm you at fall, by Kim Saigh.
Simple leaf, but nice effects, by Justin Gills of Blackbird, Nashville TN.
Some red leaves in this Hanya sleeve by Julien Thibers.
Elegant shoulder tattoo by Jesse Williams.
Do you know the legend of the Jackalope, this mythical animal half rabbit half deer? By Ryan Madson at Scapegoat Tattoo, Portland OR.
Graphic tree by J. Livieratos aka Live2.
Love the work of Ivana Belakova.
Tasteful tattoo by Gene Coffey.
Lovely Japanese mood here by Gazzin.
Two examples of this gorgeous leaf tattoo, do you know where it is from and who are the artists?
Unique tattoo by Evgueni Knich!
Pretty fall girl by Eszter Karady.
Outstanding realistic work by Dmitriy Samohin!
Another Samohin's Madness: the light looks so real!
Haha, some fun fall tattoos on the scalp, by Destroy Troy!
Adorable owls lock tattoo by Chris Rigoni.
Some leaves by Brian Thomas Wilson.
Amazing forest tattoo by Andrey Barkov aka Grimmy 3D...
Fall Ganesh by Andrew Sussman.
New school leaves on the neck, by Amanda Leadman of Black 13 Tattoo.
Yes, fall is also rainy... But it is better to have clouds in your leg than in your sky! Tattoo by Aivaras Ly.
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