40 Delicious Tea Time Tattoos

40 Delicious Tea Time Tattoos

It is always 5 o'clock somewhere, so would you fancy a cup of ...tea time tattoos???
Yes, tea lovers are so die hard they are not afraid to go under the needle to show their 'loyal tea' to their favorite beverage ;) Tea is not only this warm, amber colored and perfumed drink so popular in Asia and Great Britain, amongst others. It is also a philosophy, a way of life. A disaster is coming? Take a cup of tea. Tea is the solution of every problem, tea can cure everything... at least according to tea lovers! Well, at least, they are not taking anything with 'gravitea' ;) And what better way to remember that 'where there is tea, there is hope' than with a beautiful tattoo?
Teacups, teapots, tea kettles, and even tea bags, are very simple designs allowing all kind of adornments for pretty or witty tattoos. And NO it is not a grandmother's trend! Tea lovers with tattoos are women and men of all ages, all styles! You can prefer the Asian aestheticism, more minimalistic and peaceful, some breath-taking porcelain realism, even some badass pun tattoos (are you more a Tea Rex or Mr Tea?) or the efficiency of old school bold lines ...there are plenty of unique way to show your love for tea if you have 'creativitea'!
So, tea lovers, grab a cup and if you're not afraid to lift your little finger Inside a tattoo shop, find some inspiration with these 'Forty shades of Earl Grey' tea time tattoos! :D
Beautiful realistic tattoo by Yomico Moreno! Looks like real porcelain!
Teacup and teabag parachute to catch your fall, by El Sanchez.
Need explanations? No, it is that simple (artist unknown, please tell us).
Tea: pleasure of angels or demons??? By Uncle Allan, a freaky tea drinker...
Neck tattoo by Tracy D at Kings Cross Tattoo, London.
Storm Inside a teacup, by Tom Bartley.
Tea is taming even the wildest of us, here a velociraptor! New school tattoo by Timmy B.
This gorgeous chestpiece is by talented Teresa Sharpe.
There's tea time for gangstas too!
Love won't always fill your cup: do you know that sad line from an Hanson's song? Pretty tattoo by Taiom.
Another stormy tea by Susanne König.
Cute tattoo by Spooky Sproul!
What do you think of this split tea time tattoo?
Tea can be cold too when it's warm out there. Work by Shane B. at Non Stop Art, Birmingham (AL).
You'd like some sweet pies with your tea? By Rachel McCarthy. Yummy!
Lots of lovely details here, on this tattoo made at Providence Tattoos (RI).
The jaw-dropping work of realism master Nikko Hurtado!
Old school style is great for tea lovers tattoos! Here by Myke Chambers.
A great tribute to a mother.
Tea is like a little sea, with a t! By Mitch Stiefler.
Wow! Gorgeous realistic tattoo by Matt D. Clemmer! I so want to eat that cake!
Where's there tea, there's hope: British vision of the world is so calming! By Matt Adamson.
This one might be your cup of tea, right? By Lucky Squid.
Tea Time feet tattoos by Kitty Dearest.
Watercolor work by Kel Tait.
Tiny finger tattoos rock, don't they? By Jorge Becerra.
Another great realistic set of teacups by Johnny Smith of Off The Map.
That's one educated zombie! HAHA! Love this piece by John Anderton!
Cute mice adding some sugar, by Joe Ellis.
Do you know that song? You doesn't need to be two to drink tea, though! By Jan Kronborg.
Nice tea time traditional tattoo by Iris Lys.
The table is ready, by Guen Douglas.
Some dangerous tea here, also by Miss Guen Douglas.
Love the neo-trad style of talented Guen Douglas.
You can find many strange things in teacup, even flamingos! By Farfalla Ink.
What did I just say? Now, it is an Ewok! By El Sanchez.
By Darcy Hayden Del Priore.
Cute little rabbit inspired by Beatrix Potter's children illustrations! Tattoo by Chris Rigoni.
Lovely colors, by Amy Williams.
Hand tattoos by Adriaan Machete.
And last but not least, this hilarious Mr T tattoo by Dan Collins... Total blast!
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