40 Entertaining Circus Tattoos

40 Entertaining Circus Tattoos

We all need to remember that there was a time when tattooed people were considered as attractions in circus and sideshows (aka freak shows).
just like juggling monkeys and bearded women. One of the most open-minded environment, circus was a home for outcasts, even if they made money with voyeurism. So tattoo is an historical tradition in the world of circus, still very alive today, with some outstanding tattooed entertainer, with a weakness for extreme shows. But circus is also very present in tattoos themselves, especially in traditional ones. The atmosphere of the circus is unique and appeals to both children and adults, with the bright colors of the tent and the costumes. Each member of the team is fascinating, from the clowns (funny or freaky, depending of your phobias) to the flexible acrobats and contortionists. Who didn't dream watching the bold acts of aerialists, sword swallowers and fire-eaters? Magical! The freedom, beauty and extravangance of circus is an infinite source of inspiration for tattoo artists, either you favor vintage imagery or modern versions, such as the famous Cirque du Soleil.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, are you ready for the show? Let Tattoodo be the ringmaster and introduce you to some spectacular circus tattoos!
Poster for a tattooed lady show in 1907.
Now, tattooed circus ladies look like that: the fabulous sword swallower Lucky Hell from the Sadistic Circus...
But let's come back to tattoos... here an ink sword swallower (artist unknown, please comment).
Gorgeous realistic tattoo by Mike DeVries inspired by the famous Cirque du Soleil!
The great rose morph work of Andres Acosta.
Elephant and ringmistress on the hands for Annie Frenzel.
Elephant show! By Brendan Rowe at Unbreakable Tattoo in Studio City, CA.
Lovely lion tamer by Chelsea Rhea.
Love this trapeze artist in vintage illustration style by Chris Paez at the Dolorosa Studio City Tattoo.
Funky circus bear (unknown artist, tell us).
The ringmaster and his animals, by Crispy Lennox.
Circus sleeve by Dan Molloy.
Canon man by Davide Andreoli.
Love is a circus... but the show must go on! By El Bara.
Epic ringmaster tattoo by Emily Rose Murray.
Sexy acrobat by Gianni Orlandini.
Cute little circus tent by Guilherme Hass from Brazil... nice little tattoo!
Funny acrobat elephant by Jamie Clinton!
And a realistic black and grey version by Jhon Gutti at Outer Limits Tattoo, Long Beach.
A full circus tattoo by Jhon Gutti too.
Vivid colors by Joe Ellis.
Nice tattoo by Kapten Hanna.
Don't tip on the tightrope! By Ken Knox.
Great blackwork by Leftycool.
Nice piece by Matt Lambdin.
By Mauro Quaresima.
Great colors by Mirko Colli.
Trapeze tattooed guy by Miss Ariana.
A circus couple on each leg by Mitch Allenden.
Magic circus tattoo by Nick Chaboya!
Cute little elephant by Paul Dobleman!
That's a tatted big girl! By Paul Harting.
Nice looking tattoos by Philip Yarnell!
This one by Yarnell too.
New school backpiece shot by Alexandra Olivia at a tattoo convention.
Ribbon acrobat by S. Rita.
Muscle man and his panther by Simon Erl.
With a tiger this time, by Stefan Johnsson.
Fun smoking circus monkey by Sven Groenewald!
Juggler stuff by Teresa Sharpe.
The knives girl by Tilly Dee... Gotta fire straight!
Couple of trapeze artists, unknown artist.
This chest of an animal lover ask to liberate circus animals (unknown artist)!
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