40 Funky Russian Dolls Tattoos

40 Funky Russian Dolls Tattoos

They are the symbol of Russia: you probably already know the nesting dolls...
Also called matryoshka (from Russian language 'little den mother'), they are curved interlocking boxes of wood often representing an ancient Russian countryside girl with an headscarf and an apron, containing her smaller replicas (from 3 to 72!). Created as an educational toy for young Russian children and inspired by the Japanese fukurama boxes, the Russian dolls have soon developed as a new tool for artists. They are a perfect design for small and feminine tattoos, but also can handle a more humorous and even really bad humor twist. Really colorful with a simple yet heartwarming design, they're fit for minimalism and traditional tattoos. They are often represented with a rose on their apron to symbolize femininity. Indeed, they are a symbol of seduction and feminine pride. But, with their multiple replicas, they are also a good way to remember your place in a loving family and great friendship: 'all the same in the same body'. That's why it is often chosen as a friendship and siblings tattoo. And of course, they are a great symbol of motherhood. You can also switch the cute little Russian girl with another character, inspired by pop culture, series and movies or add it more funny and sexy references. Graphic tattoos are also a good option for statement pieces. So, Russian dolls are not only here to remind your family roots, but also give great ideas of tattoos for women and men.
Curious for some cute, funky and sometimes witty tattoos? Check those 40 colorful and curvy Russian dolls tattoos...
Love this sweet doll by Alex of La Main Bleue.
Remember this friendship cutie done during NY Ink by Ami James?
Smile now, cry late dolls by Artjom Saveljev Agat, Photo by Maria Titova.
This on has a dragon Inside! By Carolyn LeBourgeois The Clubhouse Tattoo Shop in Oakland.
Lovely old school one by Cassandra Frances.
How fun is this Princess Leila nesting doll by Charissa Gregson???
Han Solo and his fellow companion Chewbacca, also by Charissa.
Some graphic zombie twist by Danilo Sini.
Dotwork sweetness by Dex of Soul Tattoo, Brazil.
Great colors but gory design with a crazy disemboweled doll! Can you tell us who is the artist please?
Flower and skull doll garter by Dodie at L'heure Bleue.
Tasty dotwork shoulder tattoo.
Pirate doll by Gemma B at Cherrys Tattoos, Hornchurch Essex!
And this creepy satanic one is by Gemma B too!
Could you have tattoos upside down?
Breaking Bad dolly by Gooney Toons.
Cute sailor one by Hanadis.
Geometric work by James Dean (not the actor obviously).
This sugar skull crazy tattoo by Jason Corbett truly rocks.
Lovely piece by Jayne Doe.
It is a bird for Jessica Mach.
Bearded and sailing for Jon Peeler.
Fine one by Jon Sanford.
The cute work of Kid Kros.
Haha, fun luchador doll! But wait, where is it located???
This one is a tad creepy, isn't it? By Marlen McKey.
Great colors by Michelle Maddison at Nemesis Tattoo Studio in Seaham, Durham.
Gorgeous tattoo, almost realistic and so moving by Monte Livingston San Clemente, CA.
Looking cheeky, by Noelle LaMonica at Divine Machine Tattoo in Buffalo NY.
Minimalistic one, yet pretty.
Nice half sleeve with red and blue ink. Artist unknown, photo by Sherrie Thai.
Surprise! A tattooed pinup springs out of this one!
Great design by Rachel Baldwin.
Cat version, also by Rachel Baldwin.
Hiding a cupcake inside, by Rae Pinx.
Realistic Russian doll.
Some cute Madness by Scott Olive at Oddity Tattoo in Sarasota, FL.
Not afraid of the rain, by Silje Hagland Scapegoat Tattoo Portland, Or.
Graphic version by Tarmasz.
And let's end with this macabre version by Tim Kern of Singapore...
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