40 Stephen King Inspired Tattoos

Stephen King. Do I need to introduce the king of horror literature much more?
I am one of his numerous readers and perhaps are you too. And when talking of fans, you are inevitably leaded to talk about their tattoos... Yes, readers love ink too, and indeed Stephen King inspired tattoos are sometimes as scary as his novels, fed by his incredible imagination and skill for fear and reading pleasure. Fantasy literature is always a great fount of inspiration for tattoos (as you can see with these H.P. Lovecraft tattoos here). King's tribute tattoo designs are of course that dreadful because of his abundant movies adaptations and also graphic novels, tv shows and related art (not always as good as the books but fine material for tattoos).
The spookier tattoos are mostly references to famous horror flicks of The Shining, Pet Sematary and It, with its freaky Pennywise, the nightmare of all kids (and adults too!). But there are also beautiful tattoos inspired by one of King's most popular books serie, the Dark Tower. I have to admit I am not a fan of the serie, but the dedication of the fans is impressive. I'm just a bit disappointed that I couldn't find any Needful Things and Misery good tattoos (my favorite books) and few Green Miles ones. And you, what is your favorite Stephen King book (hard to pick just one, right??) and would you get some ink related to the master of fantasy?
Be brave! Take a quick look to these 40 fantastic Stephen King inspired tattoos... before it is too dark....
The graphic style of Xoil fits this Dark Tower tattoo.
Full Dark Tower sleeve by Teresa Sharpe.
Man, this is a die hard fan! A full King backpiece... the portrait of the author though is not the best, kinda tan accident lol.
Cute realistic Green Mile tattoo.
Another portrait of the master.
Creepy Church and Gage from Pet Sematary by Ron Russo.
Lovely Stand by Me tattoo by Ravi Lassi.
Who want the key of the Overlook's room 237??? By Tipping Tattoos.
Another Dark Tower tattoo by Watson.
A trash polka version of one of King's most famous quotes.
Lots of roses to reminds of the Dark Tower.
Impressive graphic tribute to the Dark Tower's serie.
Bright colors on this Pet Sematary tattoo.
But the version of Paul Acker is spookier.
They all float down there Georgie...
Scary bloody Carrie by Paul Acker... talking of a hand statement tattoo!
Great geometric Dark Tower piece by Nick Friedrich of Immortal Images Tattoo in Charlotte, NC.
Spooky image to match the Monsters are real quote.
Nice sleeve by Lippo.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ... by Krystof of Club Tattoo, Las Vegas.
Autographed Pennywise by Jerry Pipkins... Brrr!
Dark Tower backpiece by Jake Anderson.
Even beautiful girls could have Jack Torrence on their sleeves...
Beautiful illustration of that quote from It!
Neo traditional Dark Tower tribute by Hugo Fulop of Hand in Glove, France.
Another dreadful Pennywise by Ivan Stankov-Hanz.
Love this framed black and grey portrait of the author by Gerrit Verplank.
Matching Ka tattoos for friends!
Cute Dark Tower tattoo by Elijah Pashby.
Dark Tower reference by Dusty Neal at Black Anvil in Ft Wayne, Indiana.
By Dragon Dan.
Nightmarish detailed Salem's Lot tattoo by Dave Wah.
Great colors
Lovely photography of this Dark Tower quote.
Great piece
Are you a Stephen King's constant reader??? Cute tattoo by Corey Miller!
Realistic Christine.
Directly from the book...
First part of this blackwork Dark Tower piece.
And second part.
Old school inspiration with this The Shining tattoo flash by Quyen! Fun!
PS: Know the name of the missing artists? Tell us below in comments.