46 Tattoos For Dessert

46 Tattoos For Dessert

Prepare yourself for some serious tattoos and sweets eye fest.

 It's all going to be about your sweet tooth and ink craving from here.

Some people, when they adore something so much, immortalize it through giving the said object of affection a permanent space on their skin. That is, to honor it with tattoos. Unlike getting your current lover's name tattooed on your wrist, getting your favorite ice cream flavor done there instead is something most of us would probably regret less. What can I say, food can't break your heart. (Though, it may cause you to take insulin in your later years, so take it easy on that candy bar!)

These tasteful tattoos are more popular with women who are usually in their twenties. They're adorable, fun and lighthearted. They portray the collector as someone playful, cheery and easy going. It's ideal for the ladies who would like to get some ink done, but prefer a less-threatening impression.
But it's not only the girls who are fond of these tattoo delights. Guys like chef Chuck Hughes, who has a sleeve of culinary-themed tattoos, are joining in on the food love.
Cake tattoo
Dessert tattoos are not new or only 'trendy' or even 'kawaii'. Like all other tattoos, we encourage you to get a tattoo done not because it's the 'it' thing or it's the latest in fashion. Tattoos are fun and beautiful works of art that are best done when it reflects you as an individual. Even better if you can call your tattoo truly your own when it's customized by your chosen artist to suit what you'd like to incorporate in it. Like no other.
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46 tattoos for dessert - featured here are tasty pieces to take inspiration from, done by an array of skilled artists.
This ice cream cone tattoo.
Simple yet tastefully done. Artist unknown.
Mandy Hazel's skull cream cone
Melting skull cream cone tattoos sure look deadly sweet. Done by Mandy Hazell of Bound By Ink in Denver, CO.
Nat G's Sweet Like Cinnamon Cupcake
Featuring Lana Del Ray's Radio lyrics. Done by Nat G of Good Luck Tattoo in Richmond, Australia.
Rodrigo Kalaka's watermelon treat
Done by Rodrigo Kalaka of Corona Tattoo in Asturias, Spain.
James Pruitt's tub of Ben Jerry's
Done by James Pruitt from Alliance Tattoo Lounge in Yuma, AZ.
Scotty Munster's Munsterous Hot Chocolate
Amazing custom tattoo by Scotty Munster of Olde Towne Tattoo & Piercing in St Cloud, MN.
Katie Hrubec's pretty little cupcake
By Katie Hrubec, USA.
Ben Harris's cupcake
Done by Ben Harris of Sink in the Ink in Doylestown, PA.
This dainty tattoo served as the 20th birthday present of Maggie Ray's mother to her. She's an aspiring baker, which this tattoo symbolizes.
Frank William's ice cream cone
Traditional style style ice cream cone by Frank  William of Great Lakes Tattoo in Chicago, IL
Dap's lollipop
Cute lollipop by Dap of Dap Skingdom Tattoo Shop in. Treviso, Italy.
Knuckle's afternoon delight
Fantastic leg piece by Knuckle of Knuckle Energy Tattoo in Osaka, Japan.
Ryan Mullins' exploding cupcake
Awesome work by Ryan Mullins of Art Junkies Tattoo Studio in Hesperia, CA.
Carson's peppermint candy shoulder pieces
Peppermint candy tattoo
This other ice cream cone.
Artist unknown.
Another traditional style milkshake
Similar to Toby Gawler's, as seen above. Artist unknown.
Creepy & Cute Candy Corn
Artist unknown.
Horikawa's "La Dolce Vita" Ice Cream Cone
Done by Baldwin Chew Horikawa of Gimmelove Tattoo 1 in Singapore.
Esther Garcia's ice cream cone
Done by Esther Garcia of Butterfat Tattoo in Chicago, IL.
JR Linton's Cupcake
This lovely cupcake was done on the artist's wife, Amanda. JR Linton of Ink and Pistons Tattoo in West Palm Beach, FL.
Jeremy T. Miller's giant cookie
Done by Jeremy Miller
Craig Foster's trippy popsicle
Done by Craig Foster of Skinwerks Tattoo in  Carrollton, GA.
TioLu's ice cream cone
Definitely something that is 'to-die-for'. Done by TioLu of Cherry Flavor Custom Tattoo in Mandal, Sweden.
Alex Strangler Special
Cupcake by Alex Strangler
Tattoos done by Alex Strangler of Dolorosa Tattoo Co. in Studio City, CA.
Lauren Winzer's milkshakes
Adorable paired tattoos by Lauren Winzer of Hunter and Fox Tattoo in Sydney, Australia.
37. Jessie's Odd Future donut
Done by Jessie of Lady Luck Tattoo in Ferndale, WA.
Sweets overdose tattoo
Artist unknown.
Noelle LaMonica's adorable pair
Done by Noelle LaMonica of Divine Machine Tattoo in  Buffalo, NY.
Nikko Hurtado's peppermint and makeup
Done by Nikko Hurtado of  Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, CA.
These insanely adorable knuckle tattoos.
Awesome knuckle tattoos
Starlight Tattoo's Chad's sugar skull cupcake
Done by Chad of Starlight Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV.
Russ Abbot's pie
Done by Russ Abbot of Ink and Dagger Tattoo in Decatur, GA.
Only You Tattoo's Sweets Cloud 9
Done by Matt and Danielle of Only You Tattoo in Atlanta, GA.
Misses Martini's cupcake
Done by Michelle Martini.
Robert Trouten's cupcake
Done by Robert Trouten of Way Cool Tattoos in Oakville, ON.
Jeff Cooper's anchor cupcake
Done by Jeff Cooper of Solid Tattoo in Twentynine Palms, CA.
Zacharia G. Fincher's donut & ice cream BFF's
Done by Zacharia G. Fincher of Monolith Tattoo Co. in Nashville, TN.
Damon Butler's candy cane
Simple candy tattoo by Damon Butler.
Steve Morris' winged peppermint candy
Done by Steve Morris of Bodyworks Tattoo Studio in Pittsburg, PA.
Watercolor cupcake
Artist unknown.
Fernando Casillas' cupcake chest piece.
A really tasty-looking work. Life will sure be sweet having this tattoo. Done by Fernando Casillas.
Turkesa's pretty little cupcake
Of all the cute cupcakes in here, you'd think I've had enough. Wrong. Done by Turkesa from Spain.
Cara Massacre's cupcake of death
Tempting. Done by Cara Massacre of Golden Age Tattoo in Austin, TX.
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