Dos And Don’ts Of Tattoos

By eclark - 
Dos And Don’ts Of Tattoos

The thought of getting your first tattoo is quite exciting, and for those veterans the thought of their 22nd one is also just as exciting.
However, there are certain things we should avoid when it comes to getting a tattoo, rules that we should follow if we plan on loving our tattoos forever.
Don’t get a tattoo that is heavily based on something you love at the time – band tattoos, celebrity tattoos and such are popular choices, but they tend not to last. What happens if you no longer love that band? What happens if you discover a band that you love much more? What will you do then, just remove the old tattoo? It’s a waste of time and money to get a tattoo that you are unlikely to love forever, and no one can really say that they have loved the same band or actor all their lives. The same can be said of girlfriends and boyfriends, if you get their name tattooed onto your body and then break up you’re just going to be upsetting yourself with the memory of them, not to mention all your future partners who see the tattoo.
Do put time and thought into the placement and design of your tattoo. Tattoos that flow with your body tend to look the best and of course if you want to continue a professional career you should put your tattoo somewhere where it can be concealed by your usual work clothing. Creative and unique designs are fantastic if you have the time and imagination to come up with something you love, and of course if you include a tattoo artist in your choice of design and placement they will be able to help you find a place and design that really suits you and looks fantastic.

Don’t tattoo someone’s face onto your arm. It takes a highly skilled tattooist to make this come out right, but even the slightest distortion and the face won’t look right, there are too many ways it could go wrong and it is just a little strange. Lots of parents think that getting a tattoo of their baby’s face is a sign of affection and a fantastic, creative idea; however to the child it can seem like a bit much and those you show the tattoo to are likely to think you’re a little strange – even those in the tattoo community.
Do use creativity and inspiration. If there is a particular artist style or photographer you like then there is absolutely no reason why you can’t take inspiration from their work, certainly if it will help you to create a unique and beautiful tattoo design. Of course thinking carefully about where to place the tattoo is important to ensuring it matches the flow of your body but there is still no reason to limit yourself to standard tattoo designs. So long as it is something you love then you are unlikely to regret it.
Don’t use logos and advertisements as tattoos; first of all what will you do if the company sees it not as free advertising but as theft of their logo? They can cause trouble for both you and your tattooist if they choose to, so if you love a logo that much you’ll have to contact the owners and get permission, and they can actually charge you for this. Secondly, what happens when you no longer love that brand or they’re no longer fashionable? Tattoos aren't clothes, you can’t just take them off when they go out of style and put something ‘in’ on, you have to live with it or go through the lengthy and sometimes costly process of having the tattoo removed.

Do pick something meaningful to you. People who love their tattoos often have a meaning and a reason behind them, tattoos are used to mark important moments and events in our lives, remind us of our values or show respect and love to those who are important to us. They can represent and express parts of our personalities and show others who we are and what we care about. Go to a tattoo shop and ask someone about their tattoos and why they chose the design they did, you’re very unlikely to hear ‘because it looked cool’, people who love their tattoos often have meaningful and strong reasons why.
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