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NFL Tattoos: Are You Ready For Some INK?!

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Are you ready for some football? How about some NFL tattoos?


As the season finally kicked off over the weekend, we saw some great games (Dolphins vs. Patriots) and had some scary news in the shape of an elevator video. I don’t think we will be seeing any Ray Rice tattoos any time soon. Then again, I did see an O.J. Simpson tat recently so who really knows. As a sign of the new season, lets jump into the best of team tattoos. It’s odd, some teams have all sorts of craziness and some teams don’t seem to have enough fans to carry one decent tattoo. Let’s start by taking a look at the AFC. Baltimore Ravens Tattoo

Let’s start with the AFC North. Speaking of Ray Rice (punk), the Baltimore Ravens, were spanked by Andy Dalton and the Bengals.

This is simply one of the most beautifully inked tats I have ever seen for a sports team.

Looking for Ravens tattoos isn’t hard. Not when you have your own players getting tattoos to commemorate there last Super Bowl win. Jacoby Jones, Arthur Jones and Ray Rice all got tattoos commemorating Super Bowl XLVII where they simply kicked ass. It’s too bad Ray Rice couldn't leave it on the field. Cincinnati Bengals Tattoo Hey it may not be the coolest but anyone that will invest their back to a team, gets my vote. Besides, the Bengals started the season off right. They beat up on Ray Rice’s team.

Cleveland Browns Tattoo

OK, so I don’t care how good the tattoo is, I will never EVER post a Johnny Manziel  tattoo. Not happening, don’t even ask. Even though the Browns lost, they lit up the second half. I’m still waiting for a team mate to give Johnny Football a wedgie. I love this tattoo. It’s not fantastic, but hey, anyone that get’s a tattoo of an….elf(?) pissing on their hated rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers Helmet and the Terrible Towel? Oh yeah, that’s hardcore man.

Recent from Sports Johnny Manziel Tattoos…oh I said that already.

Pittsburgh Steelers Tattoo

Speaking of the Steelers, they had the last laugh yesterday. And with great teams, 6 rings and counting, comes great tattoos.

I have seen quite a few amazing Steeler tattoos, but the artwork from this guy is simply amazing and highly detailed. I just love black work and this guy is simply amazing. Yeah, I have a man crush on this dude. Go check out his work and like me, you’ll start booking a ticket to wherever he’s at to get some ink done.

Houston Texans Tattoo

I'm a bit surprised by Houston, They had the Oilers way back when, but there was a long dry spell of having a team. I have seen tons of amazing tattoos. I judge fan bases by tattoos. I know, some people think I’m crazy, but this Texans tattoo is all sorts of bad-ass. I’m not even a Texans fan and I would get this tattoo.

Artist Cody Gibbs Main Line Ink Friendswood,Tx
Artist Cody Gibbs Main Line Ink Friendswood,Tx

Indianapolis Colts Tattoo

Now we come to and old fav of mine. I’m a huge Peyton Manning fan (who isn’t, really?)When he left, I thought the team was going to die very quickly. Andrew Luck came in, and while he isn’t Peyton, like other teams that have not been able to rebound from a quarterback of greatness, the Colts look to really have something with Luck. I’m surprised I haven’t really seen much in playing on his name.

It’s really isn't all Luck is it?

It’s all about having Luck.

Jim Irsay wishes he had more Luck in the game.

OK, I’ll stop now…

Artist:Larry Brogan from Lockport,Illinois
Artist:Larry Brogan from Lockport,Illinois

Jacksonville Jaguars Tattoo

OK, I was pretty sure no one would really want a Jags tattoo, since the team first came into the NFL. After all, they do have a cool name and there logo is pretty bad-ass too. Since they came in the fresh, new feeling now smells like stale beer. I mean, the team is and has been just horrible. While Jacksonville is a pretty cool town, the team just can’t seem to get a grip on the fact that…well that they’re a professional football team.

Tennessee Titans Tattoo

Well, we may have hit the bottom of the barrel here. Trying to find a tattoo other than their logo is a stretch. I did find one. It isn’t that bad but it isn’t eye popping either. Keep in mind we are talking about the state of Tennessee. Inked Magazine says this is one of the worst NFL tattoos. I’m, not sure I would call it one of the worst, but it certainly isn’t in the upper echelon either. World of Warcraft anyone?

From Inked Magazine
From Inked Magazine

Buffalo Bills Tattoo

Being a Rochester, NY native, I grew up watching the Bills stink up the place – up until they went to the Super Bowl FOUR TIMES..and lost every time. Truth is, the only Super Bowl they should have won was the first. I’ve seen tons of amazing (and not so amazing) Buffalo Bills tattoos. I love the OJ Simpson tattoo of his mug shot.  It takes some real balls to tattoo the mug shot of a murderer on your thigh. I guess that’s how they find dates up in Western NY. The fact is, despite all the cool Bills tattoos, with the passing of their owner/founder Ralph Wilson JR., I just can’t see a better tat then this right now. Radio station Detroit Sports 104.1 calls it a “questionable tattoo”. Not sure what’s so questionable about it. Not my type of tattoo, but I know those fans and they are die hard in the best way imaginable.

Buffalo Bills fan Jack Meredith
Buffalo Bills fan Jack Meredith

Miami Dolphins Tattoo

Even though I was born and raised in Rochester, NY, I've lived in South Florida now almost 15 years, so I guess I'm now a Floridian. With that came the end of Marino’s illustrious career and the beginning of the next 30 or so draft picks that went absolutely nowhere. Regardless, this may not be considered the greatest, most beautiful sports tattoo ever, but let’s face it: Anyone that gets a tattoo covering your entire beer belly only to have chicks kiss it is pretty damn cool in my book. Funny thing is, I doubt the guy was even in diapers when the Dolphins went undefeated.

New England Patriots Tattoo

OK, now we’re getting somewhere. Boston history bleeds for their teams. Cities like Boston and New York have a fan following that rivals the other football (soccer) in the rest of the world. Yes, just like the rest of the world, these fans will kick your ass if you should have some misguided opinion about their teams. I have seen tons of amazing ink on dozens of Patriots fans. But let’s be honest with each other; what do you think is more fitting?  A beautiful patriots, well inked tattoo or a tough guy in your face, “beat that punk!” tattoo? I think the latter.

Any idea how painful it is to get a tattoo on your inner lip? Pretty damn painful. How painful? Imagine someone tattooing your penis. Picture that, minus having some stranger holding on to it. (That may ease the pain)

New York Jets Tattoo

New York. THE city for sports. They have every sport and they all have history. Unfortunately for the Jets, Since Namath left their history has been little more of a joke. The last few years have been especially harsh. It got so bad, playing Fantasy Football if I had an open slot for a player I always looked to see who was playing the Jets and I would grab someone from that team – even if they were 2nd string. Surprisingly, I have not come across many Jets tattoos.

This tattoo is pretty cool, but not amazing. Just like the Jets.

Denver Broncos Tattoo

My boy Peyton came back with a fierceness from surgery. Karma works in mysterious ways. I wonder what Peyton would have had to say if he was with the Colts when Irsay got busted. Anyways, it’s easy to see the type of diehard fans the Broncos have and with good reason. Two of the greatest QBs in the last twenty years in their stable? Whoa. It was hard picking what I thought as the best tattoo, but a leg sleeve complete with logos and Elway’s #7 jersey = Awesome.

Broncos 7 Elway Throwback Jersey Tattoo by K&J Photography
Broncos 7 Elway Throwback Jersey Tattoo by K&J Photography

Kansas City Chiefs Tattoo

KC has a long history of fandom. I assume it’s because – well what else is there to do in Kansas City? There are some whacked out tattoos from fans. I liked this one best. I think I liked it best simply because it’s the classiest. Great art work, not in your face. It just says it all to me.

Oakland Raiders Tattoo

This fits so perfectly, I have never seen more horribly bad tattoos for a team than the Oakland Raiders. First it seems that 70% of all the tattoos are a crappy version of the logo taking the face away showing a skeleton face.





There were a few cool ones. The other 25% seems to think it’s cool getting logo with half naked women in their tattoo. I’m cool with women, but uhh…those tats still sucks guys. This one gets my pick simply because, like the Oakland Raiders, this guy is just F*CKED UP. Huge tat on the top of your head? Damn man. I’m impressed.

Jose Romero, from Ontario, California
Jose Romero, from Ontario, California

San Diego Chargers Tattoo

Rounding out the AFC portion of the NFL with the Chargers. Yet another team with a loyal fan base but some really shitty tattoos. How bad you say? I almost posted a picture of a decent temporary tattoo cuz all the real ones were shit. I mean damn man. I post a cute gitls Charger’s tattoo instead of some masculine, manly guy because there tattoos looked like they were drawn with beer goggles? Nice tat CeeZ.

OK, so the AFC is complete. Half the NFL tattoo list is done. I’ll have the NFC up next week. If you find or see any cool NFL tattoos, give me a holler.



I enjoy, tats, electric shots and my first round already covered. Not necessarily in that order. Tattoos are the window to your soul. No you're not soulless, you just haven't found the right artist. This is my "Don't look at my daughter" look.


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