Stunning Watercolor Tattoos By Jay Freestyle

Stunning Watercolor Tattoos By Jay Freestyle

Originally born and raised in South-Africa, 29-years old tattoo-artist/painter Jay Freestyle grew up in a conservative Chinese family.
These were difficult times for his beloved home-country; without a real artistic perspective in Johannesburg, he decided to immigrate and has been working as an artist in Amsterdam for the past 5 years. His artistic nature deeply inspired him to stray away from the traditional expectations of his family and rather develop his lifelong passion for body art.
Jay’s love for the US makes him a regular visitor, gaining fame for himself through major tattoo conventions as well as guest spotting at leading tattoo parlors in NY and other cities.

“People from the States love to go big with Tattoos – and so do I!”
Being self-taught, his techniques and style are always unconventional. The majority of his work is created on spot and literally freestyled during the session. The spontaneity of his tattoos is the secret of what makes every single one so unique. Breaking away from existing boundaries, the final artwork is always a great surprise to the client.

“Most describe my style as watercolor, and it definitely holds elements of such, but personally it is more.  I prefer to combine various styles, such as geometrical shapes and pointillism, while at the same time mixing realism with abstract, but at the end it all depends on the collector.”
Learning from past experiences, traveling worldwide, and fostering his skills as a painter, Jay constantly exposes himself to the influence from top artists abroad.

Always eager to learn something new, he emerged as a broadly skilled tattooist, even though he is currently narrowing down the various fields and focuses on developing a more graphical look and feel to his work.
His gift of using simple imagery and bringing  it alive with a more avant-garde, abstract feel helps to grow and evolve his trademark style. He simply renders the image as a watercolor painting in his mind.
“Not everyone wants my style. Usually from the first couple of minutes of talking to someone, I can see if they want ‘my style’ or if they want me to do something realistic or traditional. Normally when I’m abroad people ask much more for ‘my style’; whereas here in the Netherlands most know me for a variety of styles I’ve developed and done over the past years. Japanese, Black & Grey, Realism, Neo-Traditional…you name it.”

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