Taking 3D Tattoos To A Whole New Level

Taking 3D Tattoos To A Whole New Level

People are always finding ways of making tattoos more interesting than they really are.
We see it in our news feeds, while randomly scrolling through pages and we see shared images of the latest trending tattoo and sometimes wonder if something that good really isn't a hoax. Well, most of them aren't. These tattoos end up getting really popular and many people are getting theirs done as well, some nails it, some fails it. But it takes a good artist and a client with a clear idea of what he's getting himself into to turn a kick-ass tattoo idea into something spectacular.
The tattoo trend featured in this article is the 3-d inspired tattoo of an illusion of a fist punching in the air right out of a tattoo connecting from the wrist. Most of them displaying muscular cartoon characters in action or Bruce Lee, of course. These types of tattoo are fun to look at, to show off; amusing your friends or little kids, and when they are really well done, it's not something you should worry about getting rid of. They bring out most memories from childhood when we used to watch every single episode, play their games for hours and imitate them among friends. It's a fantastic and amusing way to relive those moments.
3D tattoo It's done by Dave Wulff of Tattoo Demon in Colorado Springs, CO.
One of the first 3-d punching fist tattoo that first gained popularity throughout the web.
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Hilarious Chuck Norris tattoo by James Graham of Aurora Tattoo in Lancaster, England.
Megaman tattoo by Josh Suchoza of Off the Map tattoo in Pittsburgh, PA.
Bruce Lee henna tattoo by Heather of Henna by Heather in Boston, MA.
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