Tommy Montoya's Best Tattoos

Tommy Montoya's Best Tattoos

Having started from the bottom, Tommy Montoya has worked his way to the top being counted among the legends in the Tattoo community.
He is also becoming a household name for the general public at large and it’s interest in the art of tattooing. We’ve all seen him as the guy who enjoys a good prank on his co-workers, such as lighting them on fire with alcohol, shoving a bottle-rocket underneath the door-jam while they’re going to the bathroom or hitting them in the face with a wet paper towel wad. But when it comes to Tattooing Tommy is as serious as they come, “I think tattooing is a sport (Tommy Montoya).” Just like any athlete strives for the betterment of the game they bring, Tommy also has made leaps and bounds in the pursuit of being the best Tattooist he can be.
Here are some of Tommy Montoya's Best Pieces:
Mid arm Piece by Tommy Montoya
Pocket watch and Rose by Tommy Montoya
Elvis by Tommy Montoya
Skull on hand by Tommy Montoya
Black and White Half Sleeve by Tommy Montoya
The Shining By Tommy Montoya
Back Piece by Tommy Montoya
Praying Hands by Tommy Montoya
Marilyn Monroe by Tommy Montoya
Praying Hands by Tommy Montoya
Color Portrait by Tommy Montoya
Hand Skull By Tommy Montoya
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