Writer & Traveller Bill Passman Gets A World Map Tattoo On His Back To Record His Travels

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If you think about it, Traveling has always been magical. It takes us places to places, from dream to dream...fashioned in thousands of vibrant & exotic ways by Mother Nature. While most of us keep a journal or take photos of our travels, this guy's coloring in every country he's visited. On his back. with Tattoos!!! In fact he's so committed to exploring the world that he got himself the outlines of the world map on his back and vowed to color all the countries in it! Imagine how such an accomplishment it would be when it's all done. Adventure-seekers, soul-searchers, thrill-seekers and lovers of nature, let this man inspire, entice & show you the way. That we, indeed, live in a beautiful world. :)

Every great accomplishment has, at once, been nothing. O__O And so Mr. Passman took a step further...

Swimming at the edge of the Devil's Pool in Victoria Falls (located at Zambia's border with Zimbabwe)

Hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Whitewater rafting with his daughter & granddaughter in Costa Rica.

At the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (2006)

Riding an elephant at Royal Chitwan National Park in Nepal (2007)

Mr. Passman updating his tattoo in Russia...

travelling to Chengdu, China,  to say Hi to this cute lil Panda.

and now progressing.. and progressing...

And TADAAAHHH - world map tattoo!!!

Look at all the places he've been! He's been over 70 countries to date. Can you name them all? :)

The experiences of traveling had been so meaningful to Passman and it compelled him to write a book about lessons learned for all adventurers out there! Check out his book!

Passman explains that traveling doesn't have to be costly. The goal is to get there safe & efficiently to see the priceless sights, half the cost, twice the fun. This book is a must for backpackers.

Get to know Bill Passman more by following his blog. :)

We hope this article inspired you. Have an adventurous day!



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