12 Sexy Underboob Tattoos

12 Sexy Underboob Tattoos

Underboob tattoos (properly termed as sternum tattoo) are trending nowadays and it's no surprise that it's getting some attention.

Some say it's the new "tramp stamp"...but we believe otherwise! Surely these women ain't no tramps. In fact, we salute them for sitting through it (no joke getting a tattoo on that spot!) and for simply being the badass women that they are! Cheers to all the lucky men who get to see this. 

Here are 12 sexy and sensual underboob tattoos to feast your eyes on. Remember boys, you can look but you can't touch!

Does a sternum tattoo hurt? Hell yeah it does! The torso, especially the front part of the upper body (according to most tattooed people) is the most painful spot to get tattooed for the reason that it houses all our vital organs. Hence, it is a sensitive spot.

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Sternum tattoo done by Zach Peacock #underboob #sternum
Underboob tattoos on women are sexy. Agree or disagree? Sternum tattoo by Benjamin Laukis.
Sternum tattoo by Russ Abbott #underboob
Tattoo placement tip: Allow the design to follow the contours & curves of your body for best results. As if it's tailored to fit. Don't just slap it there.
Some women prefer to keep personal tattoos on this body part and we respect that. Tattoo model: Sara X.
A sternum tattoo looks great when dressed with plunging tops!
It looks really dainty under a pair of lace brassieres. Sternum tattoo by Josh Todaro.
Awesome collection! Especially the sternum tattoo :-)

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