14 Creepy & Cute Alien & UFO Tattoos

14 Creepy & Cute Alien & UFO Tattoos

Are we really not alone? These people with 14 cute & creepy alien & UFO tattoos believe. DO YOU?  

According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the human civilization has been aided & guided by foreign visitors from another planet, which gave rise to modern technology that has been useful to all of us until today. It has been indeed mysterious how the caveman went a leap from mankind... towards the era where higher technology was definitely needed to construct the mysterious pyramids in Egypt, to build the massive Stonehenge in England or to create the crop circles in the UK with such perfect precision & accuracy in such a short period of time?
What explains the UFO sightings seen from different places all over the world? Ever gave it some thoughts? Since it's Halloween, let's pay attention to the paranormal... the taboo... and the unexplained... and have a mind as open as the boundless universe.
Tattoo by Travis Jones
It's crazy! But the theory also suggests that we humans were developed by these celestial beings mixed with their own DNAs as explained in the Book of Genesis in the bible! For more facts & info, check out Zecharia Sitchin's books about our ancient alien ancestors. Tattoo by Travis Jones.
Giger alien by Stepan Negur
Tattoo by Paul Acker
It doesn't always have to be gruesome. Here's some cool & poppy colors for the ladies! Tattoo by Sasha Unisex
Or something rendered traditionally. Tattoo by Dionel Orona, Rio de Janeiro
Creepy all-black apocalyptic half-sleeve!
Tattoo by Chris Wednesday, Fullmoon Tattoo (Brooklyn, NY)
Space full sleeve tattoo
Daaaamn that's scary! Tattoo by Rob Bates
And this one seems to be growing inside his leg!
Ever heard of the stories about UFOs getting DNA samples from cattle?
Tattoo by Sam Whitehead
Awesome tattoo!
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