14 Romantic Cover-Up Tattoos Or Just Plain Stupidity?

14 Romantic Cover-Up Tattoos Or Just Plain Stupidity?

Yes - we've all been there. When you are in love, time stands still and even the stupidest things make sense.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against romantic actions. Not even getting a tattoo that somehow symbolizes your significant other. Just make sure you STAY in love. Otherwise you'll need to come up with a creative solution, perhaps get a cover-up tattoo, and you might have a bit of explanation to do to your significant other. Here are a few examples of people who decided to bring a bit of their past with them down the road of life.
Cover up tattoo
Haha.. Sometimes a picture is more accurate when it reveals your soul.
Well.. At least it's honest. I like this guy.
Jimmy went from asshole to "really nice tattoo".
"Awwww.. You have a mom-tattoo.. That's so.. wait a minute!"
Ok, if this is the same guy that used to date Olivia, I start to see a very spontaneous pattern.
She was so sweet... until she revealed that she was actually really really scary.
I guess even Laura can see where this relationship is going.
I guess she just "slipped into something more comfortable"
Best (and maybe only) reason to become a fan of Melissa Etheridge.
Almost a heiko poem on how people change over time :)
This is what I would call be a bit passive aggressive. I guess he is not really interested in getting rid of the name.
I LOVE THIS GUY! Smartest man in the world..