15 Clever & Hilarious Tattoo Puns

15 Clever & Hilarious Tattoo Puns

Who said that tattoos had to be dead serious and full of deep meanings? Some people think it's the fun to get a tattoo what matters.
And we're pretty sure the artists who did these had a pretty good laugh too! Love it or hate it, let's pay respects. These people are just having pun! Haha! We hope we make your day with these 15 clever & hilarious tattoo puns. :)
Here's the most legit Tramp stamp! Placed on the lower back, of course!
Knuckle sandwich!!
Diggin' that camel toe.
So he said he's a terror wrist and i was like...
What do you call a bass that plays a double bass? ..........a TRIPLE BASS!
Sorry but I already bit the apple. His name's Mac.
Don't try to eat him or he'll be raising hell.
He's got the 6 pack alright!
Dead beet. x_x (Tattoo by Ben Spriggs)
That's 'cause he's peelin' goooood! ;)
I Love C***
Mr. Tea!!! I PITY THE FOOL..
Muff.. Diver..
Laughter is the best medicine.

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