15 Sick & Gruesome Horror Movie Tattoos

15 Sick & Gruesome Horror Movie Tattoos

Every one of us has that memory of watching late night horror movies and then going chickenshit afterwards.
No matter how we try, or how much we deny, there's always that one movie that scared the hell out of us. We will never forget these horrific characters from childhood to present that chilled our bones and sent shivers running down our spines. Today we put the spotlight on the gory, the gruesome, and the sickest horror movies brought to life through bold & vibrant tattoos on live flesh! Reminisce your favorite horror/thriller films with these 15 sick & gruesome horror movie tattoos. You'll thank god these creatures aren't for real. Happy monstober, horror fans!
Chucky tattoo
Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street) Tattoo by Seunghyun Jo.
The Crypt keeper (Tales from the Crypt) tattoo
13 Ghosts tattoo
Leatherface tattoo by Ron Russo
Saw tattoo
Pinhead tattoo
Dracula tattoo by Nikko Hurtado
The Grudge tattoo by Brandon Bond
Frankenstein tattoo
Silent Hill tattoo
This back piece is just as sick! Which Silent hill character creeps you out the most?
Black and grey collage of horrible characters
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