20 Realistic Tattoos by Benjamin Laukis

20 Realistic Tattoos by Benjamin Laukis

London is a far cry from Melbourne, Australia, where Benjamin Laukis is working and living.
But for the 10th London Tattoo Convention, the rising star of realistic tattoo has made the travel, the occasion for European tattoo lovers to admire his talked-about style. Benjamin is heavily tattooed, witty and has a promising talent, allowing him to follow closely behind masters such as Nikko Hurtado. Working at The Black Mark tattoo shop, his tattoos are mixing a striking realism with the mystery of dark art, either it is for a pop-culture tattoo inspired by movies or for a sexy BDSM girl... Let's get a quick look at the young artist's mind and portfolio with this interview.
You are often mixing realistic portraits with surreal and graphic elements. What do you prefer to tattoo : reality or imagination?

Without hesitation, I prefer reality. It is way more challenging. I like when there are boundaries. Telling a story is fun, but there is no challenge when you are making your own rules. When I'm tattooing, I love precision. If I am able to reproduce really accurately a photo, the pride is stronger than succeeding in translating something that only exists in my own mind. Another difficult exercise is to take different images and make just one, but a coherent and the more realistic possible. That's what stimulates me!
Wu Tang Clan tattoo made on the 1st day of London Tattoo Convention.
How did you come to tattoo art and realism?

"I was offered an apprenticeship. My artistic background is street-art, so I was doing a lot of graffiti. So my first tattoos were mostly new school and lettering. I've tried portrait one day, wasn't sure at all of what I was doing, I wasn't confident at all... but suddenly I realized it was my thing and decided to go for it!"
Sexy prisoner made on 2nd day of London Tattoo Convention.
What do you think add some originality to your tattoo designs?

"I always try to put my own touch to realistic tattoos. I try to make them looking like paintings, with dark shadows, a lot of contrasts... I'm trying to have a distinctive style."
How do you see your future?

"I don't see that far haha! There is nothing particular I plan to do. I just want to progress and get happy with my work. That's the basis, isn't it?"
Magic Johnson!
Pulp fiction awesomeness...
Never short of Jack Daniels!!!!!!
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