25 Mysterious Ouija Tattoos For Halloween

25 Mysterious Ouija Tattoos For Halloween

Halloween is back! Child or adult, it is difficult not to love this night, either for sweets or for its fascinating mood...
Indeed, there are the classic Halloween tattoos (pumpkins) and the horror movies influence (zombies, clowns) but let's talk about the vintage scary tricks when Halloween was all about witchcraft, spirits and dangerous games...
The Ouija board is famous all around the world. Ouija is made of two foreign words : oui and ja, yes in french and german, an answer to the first question asked to the spirit, 'are you here?'. It was a popular board game launched in 1890 during the Victorian era. Some sees it as an harmless game for all ages, but others believe in its power to connect players with genuine spirits, and sometimes evil ones. The Ouija board is consequently a subject of horror legends and movies for long. So, toy or occult tool? You decide.
But as other Victorian culture tattoo hits, the ouija is also a coveted tattoo design. Symbol of fate, the planchette is often inked on Friday the 13th. You can tattoo it for spiritual reasons, but also because you enjoy gothic aesthetic. But it is not necessary spooky or dark, you can even go for feminine or funny designs. More popular in old-school and neo traditional style, it doesn't prevent you to innovate with new school, realism and graphic : if you do, don't forget to send us the pictures!

So, Ink spirits, are you here? :P Be brave and check those ouija tattoos and have a great (tattooed) Halloween!
Spirit's hand guiding the planchette... Love the mystery behind this tattoo by Speck Osterhout.
Tattoo by Simon Erl inspired by a vintage illustration of a couple playing the ouija board game.
We mostly know Sara Fabel as a model, but she is also a tattoo artist and this planchette is her work.
Old school skeleton playing ouija by Rodrigo Garcia Del Gadillo.
Don't try ouija, it could dangerous! This is the warning of this palm tattoo (and don't try palm tattoos if you're not brave enough, we could add!!!).
Stomach ouija board tattoo.
This all-seeing planchette is by Mike Moses.
Beautiful dotwork vintage illustration tattoo by Mike Admas!
Neo trad work by Mario G.
Lovely underboobs tattoo, charming isn't it?
This piece by Lucky Tattooist is awesome!
Nice old school piece by Jemma Jones.
Guiding hand, sketch and final tattoo.
By Frank Chavez, with a tattooed hand...
This fortune teller isn't afraid of demonic forces!
Very small planchette on the finger.
Nice tattoo by Fabian Langes.
These two pieces by Emily Breadner are cleverly connected!
Love, love, love the work of Eilo Martin!
Original tattoo made at Divine Machine Tattoo Shop!
Moths and messages from the afterlife for Dania Lasagna.
Cute colors.
Heart-shaped board.
With a rose and Crystal by Big Lurkio.
And now, time to say goodbye ;)
P.S: If the name of the tattoo artist is not written, it is not a lack of work. It is because despite long researches, the photos were separated from their credits and alas, we don't know all the artists out there. So don't be mad and if you actually know any artist, just share the love for awesome ink and give us the answer! Thank you :)
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