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26 Gory, Gruesome & Cute Zombie Tattoos

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It's zombie apocalypse here on Tattoodo! Grab your weapons, lock the doors, and get ready for these 26 gory, gruesome & cute zombie tattoos comin' right at ya! Happy monstober, horror fans! Don't get eaten! O__O

Zombies have a sick case of the munchies.

Favorite food = Humans.

For a human, that would suck.

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Because it's the dead and the lifeless that we're supposed to eat & not the other way around!

So thank god they're not foreals.

'cause if it is, we're totally, majorly fucked.

GAAAHHH she's transforming into one!

This reminds of the movie Zombieland!

New school zombie by Jimmy Lajnen, Fisheye Ink (Karlstad, Sweden)

A zombie head on the hand's a great placement for true blue horror fans.

This zombie knows how to chill out.

If zombies are too gory for you, a cute lil zombie bite might work fine.

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or one can add some sexiness to the gore by getting a zombie pin-up!

or go for less spooky and more cute like this adorable zombie Homer!!!

Zombie Tattoo
Zombie Tattoo

or Zombie kitty!

or Lego zombie!

And for something totally random: it's ZOMBIEBER!!!! lol!!!

Did you know? There's actually a real life zombie (his name's Rick) but he prefers to be called "Zombieboy". His unique full body tattoos earned him starring roles in various movies. He also appeared in Lady Gaga's music video "Born this way". Awesome!

Zombie Tattoo
Zombie Tattoo

Nomnomnom! How appetizing!

Check out this neat zombie full sleeve! For the die hard zombie fans!

Zombie Tattoo
Zombie Tattoo

Hella cool zombie pin-up by Eric Kuiken!

Sweet. Tattoo by Bez.

til Death. <3 the concept behind this couple tattoo!

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People with scary tattoos gotta creep it real!


More tastefully gruesome zombies to give you nightmares on Pinterest! Check them out & sweet dreams! ;) MUHAHAHAHA!



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