5 Reasons why it's Okay to be a "Cliché"

5 Reasons why it's Okay to be a "Cliché"

You would think by now the world and its population had evolved into something with more of an open mind wouldn't you?

As anyone with any form of tattoo or body modifications will tell you, there are always going to be people who disagree with your ways of thinking and your choice of tattoo. It’s just unfortunate that they always seem to congregate outside your local on Saturday night trying to explain to you why;
“You've ruined your life! How are you going to get a decent job now?! Do those scribbles mean anything??!”

However, my response to this will always be, Thank you very much for your concern but I am in fact a highly respected member of the care sector so your comments are already void...
 I seem to have rambled on a paragraph or two already without coming to any kind of point... So hold on tight for this rollercoaster of nonsense you didn't think you needed in your life... UNTIL NOW! 

*Queue dramatic music*
Express yourself
Always express yourself.
Having a tattoo doesn't mean to say it has to be an equation explaining the meaning of life in 15 different languages. If it means something to you as a person and you truly believe it will always be a part of your heart and personality, then don’t let anyone sway you away from it. I admit I've had my fair share of bad tattoo’s... But at the time it was what I was aiming for. I was 18 years old and desperate to grow into my own mind but I felt I was getting too old to dress and express, and what better way to express your inner personality on the outside than to have it written on your skin in permanent ink..?

Who cares what it looks like when you're older.. live for now.
No matter how many times I hear the words; sagging, stretch marks, children and unattractive, I refuse to accept that having my tattoos makes me any less of a person. I didn't have tattoos to hide my insecurities. Gosh no!  I got them too accentuate – this is the part where you think I’m crazy – my beauty. I feel more feminine now than I ever have.  I feel beautiful when I walk down the street because I know I’m able to show people who I am on the outside and have the thoughts on the inside displayed out there too. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you’re making a mistake and you’re ruining your body. If it gives you the confidence to whip out the really tight pencil skirt with the slit down the side to show off your amazing thigh piece, then by all means rock out with your frock out. If it means you want to wear the tightest vest top you could find because it adds character to the ridiculously detailed animal on your bicep, bring it on. You’re beautiful when you feel beautiful, nobody should ever be able to tell you otherwise.

Comedy Value
I mean it's pretty funny right... Right?
If you've gotten this far (and trust me I’ll be amazed if you did) then you’re most likely sitting at the back of the bus, on your way to work trying to pass the time because your left your earphones at home… and that kid that seems to run riot on every form of public transport known to man, is at the front causing mayhem. So props to you for paying attention.

Comedic value is always going to be a thing. We have to be honest with ourselves now, we all share a little chuckle when we see that guy who had a man cutting grass tattooed on his bald spot.
Comedy is awesome, we would be pretty damn boring without it and you know what?  That’s okay!

I like funny tattoos as much as the next guy. I mean look at Ryan Dunn, that guy was a tattooed legend. Half of them were just awful, but it was funny… he liked them, I liked them, I’m sure there were a lot of other people who did too. If you want a small funny tattoo on your left butt cheek then I say go right ahead. It doesn't always have to be meaningful and deep. As long as you like it and you’re 100% sure you want it and you won’t regret it then let it be.
There's nothing wrong with showing your love for the people who care.
As someone with two symbolic tattoos representing family members who have unfortunately passed, or for my grandparents who I idolize, then I can say there is no better feeling for me than knowing that no matter where I am or who I am, I’ll always have my family close by and in my heart. As corny as that sounds, I am a family person I love those freaks. I’ve heard people complaining a lot about people who choose to get a spouses name permanently engraved on their skin, but hey… you know what? I think it’s sweet. I mean my parents have been happily married for 28 years in which time my mum managed to magic up two tattoos, one of them being my dad and her initials in Chinese. I know what some of you are thinking, but that was her choice and in my opinion I feel that having that close connection to your family is something to cherish and flaunt. Don’t ever be ashamed of that. It’s a heart-warming thing.

Emotional Connection
Be what you love.
Well this is it guys, my final paragraph with a strike-through header. I feel like I need to finish after this with a Jerry’s final thought type segment. (Opinions on a postcard…)

This is a big one. You hold onto that smartphone kid. You cling onto that thing with everything you have in you because I’m telling you now you don’t want to miss this, it will blow your mind! Just kidding... I figured everybody loves an anti-climax.  Being emotionally attached to a tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have had a near death experience to appreciate it. Emotional attachment can come from anything along the lines of a favourite film, most meaningful song lyric, favourite flavour of crisps, which spice girl you were when you re-enacted the 2 become 1 video in the school yard. (Listen to the lyrics, I bet you regret that now) I have a tattoo on my shin – as big as my shin – of the movie UP. It means something to me so I’m emotionally attached to it, and god knows I’m attached to my leg too so I guess that’s good right..? I guess what I’m trying to say is, no matter what anybody else thinks about it, if it has significance in your life then it’s important and you can have it on your body if you want it. Your body is your own and you have the right to do whatever the hell you want to do with it.
So thank you for reading and actually making it to the end. I’m impressed and very grateful.

However, I haven’t finished just yet. I just wanted to remind you all of a few things. If you want it and you’re absolutely 100% positive you want it and you've thought about it long and hard, then go ahead. But first remember these few little pointers; Make sure to pick the right artist Research, research and research some more. Pick the right studio (Cleanliness is key!) Make sure you get value for money (Expensive isn't always perfection.) Make sure your artist is using the right PPE i.e. Gloves, sterilized equipment and environment. Make sure you get what you pay for (Don’t be afraid to stop by and ask to see the rough drafts) Originality is key, don’t be afraid to let it come from the heart, have your own personal signature for each design to make it yours. - Rach
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