Disney's Wicked Witches And Other Villainous Tattoos

Disney's Wicked Witches And Other Villainous Tattoos

15+ photo's of Disney's wicked witches and other villains.
When we look at tattoos of Disney characters, we see that most of the portraits are those of Disney princesses. Meanwhile, there are also people who love the dark side of Disney too. As they say: "Good girl go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere". So here they are: 15 photo's of Disney's Wicked Witches and other villains!
Black and grey Witch from Snow White by Craig Holmes...
By now, it's clear that everyone loves Disney, so why not get a tattoo inspired on one of those lovely fairy tales? I'm sure you can all think of a character that you would consider getting inked on your body. These tattoos show that the princesses are not always the hit of a story, sometimes we  just love ourselves a bad girl
Hyper realistic portrait of Maleficent by Rich Pineda.
Full color tattoo of The Witch with the poisoned apple by Off The Map Tattoo.
Cruella Deville, the woman with the fur by Alexis colombo.
Queen of Harts, Alice in Wonderland.
The Queen - Snow White by Jim @ RedSky Tattoo.
Color framed maleficent.
Of course, it's not always the girl that steals the show, we also have our male villains to take in account. Often just as spectacular but just that bit more vicious than a Queen or a Witch. And be honest: who doesn't get all tingly when the bad boy comes in?
Captain Hook - Peter Pan by Tatuaggi Piacenza, Italy.
Outlining of King of Harts, Alice in Wonderland.
Realistic Jafar from Aladin by Scott Terry.
Full color Jafar by Kendal Harkey.
Hook. Artist Unknown.
Last but not least, we also have a few bad pets in our showcase. For most of us the thought of a bad kitty or dog is so uncharacteristic, that we can't help but love them anyway. And hey, what can you expect from a hypnotizing snake?
Lucifer, bad kitty from Cinderella.
Scar, the bad brother of The Lion King.
Kaa, the hypnotizing snake of Jungle Book by Kendal Harkey.
So while in all those fairy tales Prince charming or the Princess live happily ever after,, these characters are not doing so bad for themselves either.
Various villains sleeve.
Stich and Darth Vader tattoo. Artist unknown.
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