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So, you finally decided the style, you got the design you want and the tattooer you like.

The date finally came and you are a bit nervous becouse it's your first tattoo and you don't know what you are going to find. Here are some advices, at least from my experiences...

Arrive on time

Be a good client, arrive on time. You need to know that the process of getting a tattoo ALWAYS gets delayed, even one or two hours, so don't make it your fault! Consider that there are some processes that the tattoo artist need to do before starting to ink. Like preparing the design, the machines, picking the right needles, inclusive shaving you takes time...

If you doubt, ask!

It's normal to be afraid of the hygiene of a tattoo studio. The truth is that if you are going to a professional tattoo studio you shouldn't concern about this. Think that the tattoo on your skin will be an advertising piece for the tattooer, nobody wants a bad advertising right?. The cost of a brand new needle is way lower than losing future customers. But if you are not sure about the cleaning process or you see something you don't like or understand, ask him! It's your skin and your health.

Eat something

This is really important, even more if you are getting a big piece. The enthusiasm of the situation and the will of arriving in time makes you forget about this. You are going to be there a couple of hours, suffering, so get confortable! Get something to eat before you go and even take something to drink if you want.

Pay Attention

When you finished getting tattooed, pay attention to the healing advices the tattooer gives you. There are several "schools" of how to heal a tattoo, but every tattooer knows wich one is the best to heal his tattoos. So don't let the enthusiasm take over you, don't start taking pictures and telling all your friends about it. The healing part is the most important, you can ruin a great tattoo if you don't do it right, so don't suffer in vain.

If you got any suggestions or if you want to tell me how that experience was, post it down here!

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Tattoo done by: Santiago Lopez Ritcher on me.
Tattoo done by: Santiago Lopez Ritcher on me.



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