Get Smarter About Tattooing With This Amazing Close Up Video!

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Internet and the world are full of incomplete knowledges about tattoo art and stereotypes against tattoo artists. So when a cool video can help to understand the basis of this art and how great it is, well, it is worth sharing!

Destin Sandlin of Smarter Every Day has decided to visit tattoo shops for his new video. He visited CJ and Leah Farrow of Timepiece Tattoo in Munsville, Alabama for them to enlighten him about the delicate job that is inking people forever. The video is very informative, explaining the functioning of a tattoo machine with slow-motion and graphs. A good look to the basis of tattoo, from needles to the finished product. But remember, no video can teach you how to tattoo!

This video is also a good reminder that tattoo is a professional act, made by professionals that masters every stage of the process, from technical aspects, artistic ones to the indispensable hygiene. They have got experience, they took the time to learn from other professionals. This means that you better not try to tattoo at home, for the sake of your clients' skin! Get to learn the trade first!

Destin has made the close-up slow-motion shots at Tattoos Forever in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He will also release a video explaining how to remove tattoos... But if he asked Leah Farrow to prick him with needles to feel the sensation of being tattooed, he didn't get as far as getting a tattoo himself! He got a sharpie tattoo instead, to match the mac'n'cheese piece Leah has got on her wrist.

And you, are you ready for a real tattoo???

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Get smarter about tattooing!



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