Interview With Cleo Wattenström

Interview With Cleo Wattenström

One of the main attraction at this year’s London Tattoo Convention was the booth of Swedish tattoo artist and gorgeous Cleo Wattenström.
One of the emerging artists of realistic tattoo, both in black and grey and color, with influences of Chicano style, Cleo is indeed also famous for her nearly perfect tattooed body and pretty mug. She is the fantasy of many men. But even if the young tattooist wants to stay discreet about herself, she still has accepted to answer some questions for Tattoodo.
What leaded you to become a tattoo artist?

I didn’t want to go to school ! (she laughs). I started to frequent tattoo shops of my city, and tattooed people and tattoo artists… And before I even realized it was really my thing, I was inside ! I first di dit for fun, but now, I know it is my true passion…
Do you think you could chose between being a tattoo artist and being a model?

I enjoy posing for photographies, travelling, meeting other models and talented photographers. But if I should make a choice, I’ll go for tattoo, definitely ! I couldn’t stop creating, drawing, tattooing.
We know your work, we saw your pictures, but we know a little about you. What do you like to do in your free time ?

I have hobbies, I love to meet my friends. And well, I’m a bit of a secret person I guess ! (she laughs) I do a lot of things but I’d rather not tell people !
What are your plans for the future, both in tattoo and modeling?

For tattoo, I will go on trying to improve my style and this thanks to doing conventions and guests in tattoo shops where I can meet awesome talented people. I will be travelling a lot this year. And I have also a big, big project with Sullen that you will discover soon and I hope my fans will enjoy.
Cleo, inked magazine
Photo by Ryan Garrison.
Inked Magazine.
Ryan Garrison Photography.
Photo by Natalie G Sundling.
Photographer Thomas Mathew, source Cleo IG.
Awesome geometric piece
Roses and lock tattoo
Awesome tattoo
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