Introducing MoodinQ: A Programmable Tattoo System

Introducing MoodinQ: A Programmable Tattoo System

not really

We present a brand new innovation called the MoodInQ - a device that allows us to get a changeable tattoo!
changeable tattoo?
We understand the problem of getting bad tattoos. So to avoid suffering extra pain for covering them up or paying more for laser removals, why not try this unique invention that allows one to switch tattoo designs: the fun, fast & painless way!!!

Tramp stamp?
Step one: Get a surgeon to implant an e-reader screen under your skin.

Step two: Buy the $150 moodINQ wand and a subscription to moodINQ's tattoo database.
Step three: Choose a design, and rub the wand on your skin. Presto! Instant (sorta) tattoo!

More use for MoodInQ! 
Got milk?
Save paper & use your own skin for to dos & reminders!

Only $143 !!! BUY NOW!!!!  :)

Disclaimer:  Fortunately, this product is fake. Lol! GOTCHA! But what do you think if this was real?! Share your opinions. :D And to end this article, here's an awesome quote from Jack, our man. ;)
Jack Rudy
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