Let's Talk About Tongue Tattoos

Let's Talk About Tongue Tattoos

Tongue tattoos are usually in the form of simple designs such as symbols, tribal, cartoon characters, short words or geometric shapes.
These days, it's difficult to think of a body part that can't be tattooed. People have been walking around with little hearts on their eyeballs, letterings on their fingertips and traditional Japanese tattoos in their private areas. So you shouldn't be surprised if the person you're snogging has this cute little Hello Kitty tattoo on their tongue.
Getting intricate detail is nearly impossible because tongue tattoos tend to not last very long and basically, tongues are not the most ideal surface to tattoo on.
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Tongue Tattoo, hello kitty tattoo
Tongue tattoo
Tongue tattoos can be traced back in Hawaii during the 1820's when a missionary named William Ellis witnessed the tattooing of Queen Kamamalu's tongue as part of her grieving process from the loss of her mother-in-law. In which she commented about the pain as, 'He eha nui no, he nui roa ra ku‘u aroha (Great pain indeed, greater is my affection.)' Tongue tattoos may not be entirely new, but that doesn't change the fact that it's seen as bizarre, even to some tattooed people. This is why we are going to weigh down the deal with ink on tastebuds. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments.
Getting a tongue tattoo

The artist would use something to get your tongue in place. It's the same thing used in most tongue piercing procedures. The rest is pretty much similar to any other tattoo procedure.
number 13 tongue tattoo
Pain Scale

Regarding the pain level, the tongue is one of the least painful parts to get tattooed at. Those who have gotten theirs done, describe it from 'tickling sensation' to 'bitten tongue'. One may also expect numbness, knowing the tongue may have sensitive nerve endings, it's also the strongest muscle in the body.
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Healing Time

On average, it takes at last three weeks for it to heal. Beware, although the tattooing process may vary in terms of pain, it is expected that you will feel the pain from the procedure for the first few days. Flaking is normal, because the crust build up is part of the healing process.
Tongue portrait tattoo

There is little to be done, concerning the aftercare, as long as you keep your tongue clean during the healing period.
How long will it last?

It may not last very long, depending on the procedure done and the pigments used. Some lasted for only two weeks while some even lasted for a couple years.
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Tongue blackwork tattoo

The most common thing you'll hear about tongue tattoos is whether you're in over your head or if you've lost it. The health lessons and corporate advice will soon follow, such as the amount of bacteria in your mouth or what kind of company will hire you with that thing on. Of course, the occupational risks is subjective but as for health concerns, (like any other tattoo), it's all about finding a good tattoo artist willing to do it for you. Tattooing the tongue will destroy some tastebuds, though. And the ink may not last long, due to the acids secreted by the mouth.
Tongue Tattoo
Tongue Tattoo
Tongue Tattoo
Tongue Tattoo

This is a mere article covering tongue tattoos. This is a blog that appreciates all kinds of art in tattoo form. Outcomes of these procedures vary, and we do not have any hold to that. This is merely to inform about the said subject. We are not encouraging, nor discouraging you from getting one. Each to his own. Have a good day!
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