11 Awesome Traditional & Neo-trad Tattoos By Stephania Cuervo

11 Awesome Traditional & Neo-trad Tattoos By Stephania Cuervo

Let’s talk about the roots of the passion that we all have, ink, it’s all about the feeling of being inked.
Of course I admire all kind of styles, but let’s be honest: It’s all about tradition. Strong line, solid color and the basic idea of represent the little things we expect to see of this style in particular, I mean, I really enjoy to see this kind of tattoos because have everything I want, a great piece of work that will last for a long time without lose that cool vibe.
Last time I wanted a tattoo, I decided to go with my good friend Stephania Cuervo, the idea was basic, need a really great tattoo, old school style, nothing else, maybe is that what i enjoy about the style, the simple idea of get one tattoo, the perfect balance between art and ink. What i found was even better than traditional and old school. Actually, the new age.
Basically I want to show you some tattoos of this style, maybe is not all about the old school, but have all this things that I think you may enjoy. Here you can see few tattoos by Stephania Cuervo.
Fox tattoo, By Stephania Cuervo
tattoo by Stephania Cuervo
Tattoo by Stephania Cuervo, dragon
zebra Tattoo by Stephania Cuervo
chester dog, dog Tattoo by Stephania Cuervo
God is always watching you! by Stephania Cuervo.
Dots and mandalas by Stephania Cuervo
Dots and mandalas by Stephania Cuervo
Be careful by Stephania Cuervo
fair winds and following seas, tattoo by Stephania Cuervo
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