15 Cute Colorful Tattoos From 5 Girly Tattoo Artists

Do you love girly colorful designs? As I have been into very girly, cute stuff myself - I'd love to put some great artists in the spotlight.
As this is my first blogpost I started off small, a little top 5 in no particular order and artists from around the world! 1. Rachel Baldwin - Bold As Brass Tattoo Company, Leeds UK - @rachelbaldwintattoo Rachel describes her style as her own spin on girly "traditional". She has been tattooing since 2008 and is the (co-)owner of Bold As Brass if I'm not mistaking. She has a very recognizable style and a gorgeous use of color!
2. Keely Rutherford - Jolie Rouge, London UK - @keelyrutherford Keely is one of my more recent discoveries, I saw her art at the Brussels Tattoo Convention. It's an instant happy boost with her very unique color scheme.
3. Dea Vectorink - Rusty Anchor, Gerolstein Germany - @lastunicone Dea or "Dea Vectorink" as I came to know her several years ago is a German tattoo artist who I've been a fan of for years now. Clean linework and vivid colors!
4. Alex Strangler - The Dolorosa Tattoo Co, California USA - @alexstrangler Alex' style is right up my alley, a lot of old school designs with a girly twist - I LOVE.
5. Mayke Cuijvers Vaes - Lady Luck Tattoo and Piercings, Weert NL - @maykecuijvers Last but not least is a tattoo artist I came to know because one of my tattoo artists used to work at her studio. Mayke is an all round artist who does a lot of other stuff too like lettering, black and grey - but I do still love her colorful, girly work most!