18 Sharp & Handsome Gentlemen Tattoos

18 Sharp & Handsome Gentlemen Tattoos

In line with Movember we've compiled some really slick, bright & bold tattoos to celebrate the Men in our lives.
We've all seen gypsy girls & raved about the ladies, so now let's turn the spotlight to our humble gentlemen. So what defines a "Gentleman"? Let's find out as we browse through these 18 Sharp & Handsome Gentlemen tattoos. We also added some hot pictures of real life gents rocking their tattoos like a Sir! Enjoy Ladies & Gentlemen! :-)
A gentleman is Honorable. Tattoo by Stefan Johnsson
He's a family man --- loyal & caring. (Tattoo by Pietro Sedda)
Matt Houston, gas light tatttoo, gentleman tattoo
On the inside, his inner child & thirst for wonder remain.
Kirk Jones, gentleman tattoo
gentleman tattoo
pietro sedda, gentleman tattoo
Awesome ear tattoo
Well groomed tattoo design
Johnny Domus Mesquita, gentleman tattoo
Emily Rose Murray, gentleman tattoo
pietro, gentleman tattoo
He is a fighter...fighting the good fight!
gentleman tattoo
A gentleman knows the difference between confidence & arrogance. Tattoo by Mitch Allenden
Animals dressed up as gents is a common trend nowadays. Tattoo by Phatt German, Cloak & Dagger Tattoo Parlour
Oh deer! Tattoo by Ien Levin
And here's proof that tattooed men can still look clean, sharp & classy! 
MmmmHmmmm.....Tattooed gentleman
Awesome tattooed man
And here's one of the many Knighthood's codes of chivalry during the medieval times! Notice that some of the words are now popularly tattooed!
Code of Chivarly
Stay Sharp, Gentlemen!
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