25 Moustache Tattoos for Movember

25 Moustache Tattoos for Movember

It's not only November, it's also Movember! And here, at Tattoodo, we celebrate with awesome moustache tattoos! ;)
Never heard of the new name of this month? Le's get some quick infos. Movember is a global initiative launched to raise the awareness of men's health through the ultimate symbol of the gentlemen, the moustache. Every year since 2003, men from all over the world are growing their facial hair to help talking about diseases such as cancers, collecting funds and support the cause.
You can be either a Mobro by being a voice of the movement or a Mosister (yes, who couldn't encourage men more than their alter ego?). If you need more information, just visit their website (you can also choose your country).
What about this funny moustache on the elbow, by Sébastian Reschke?
Why the mo (slang for moustache)? Because it's the classiest of facial hair, with a strong historical elegance and a worldwide pride for all its bearer... If it was hugely popular until the 19th century, it disappeared gradually during the 20th century due to negative images and reject of old clichés. But some men such as Salvador Dali or Freddy Mercury helped the stache to come back and now, with the beard, it's quite a popular trend.
And when you talk of fashion, you indeed talk of tattoos! With the growth of neo traditional tattoos and their Victorian influence, moustached gentlemen have made their come back in the biceps of ink lovers. But the male whiskers are also spreading in every style too, not to mention the funny moustache finger tattoos for both men and women!
Neo traditional, the style for moustached gentlemen, Tattoo by Johnny Domus Mesquita
Xoil often uses vintage illustrations to mix with graphic elements, and of course, moustache is an hit!
A gorgeous moustache is a secret a man wouldn't reveal! Tattoo by Valerie Vargas.
tattooed bearded lad by Roza from Greece
Vintage gentlemen, area of predilaction of tattoo artist Pietro Sedda
moustached man, Tattoo by Peter Lagergren
This design by Peter Aurisch is really unique, with fierce staches!
moustache of Bill the Butcher, tattooed by Pauly La Vey
Comics mogul Stan Lee sports a white moustache with style! Tattoo by Matt Barratt-Jones.
Cosmic class in this piece by Marcin Surowiec!
Of course, we can't avoid the iconic moustache of V for Vendetta, aka the Anonymous mask. Here by Lippo.
The sketch-style of Léa Nahon, with a great bearded smoker
Dr. King Schultz by Kaifa Tattoo
Geometric stache, tattoo by Josh Peacock
And indeed, the Devil is known for his moustache too. Tattoo by Joseph Deegan.
Who needs a face when you have a moustache? By Johan Ankarfyr.
Old school tattoo by Joe Ellis
And this one by Gianni Orlandini.
realism tattoo by Emma Kierzek
Even gentlemen can do graffiti art... by Daniel Gensch.
Awesome tattoo by Dani Martos
Old-school swagger... by Dan Molloy.
Dramatic man by Alex of La Main Bleue
moustache tattoo, a wild animal, tattoo By Alex Dörfler
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