26 Delicate Botanical Tattoos & Ideas

26 Delicate Botanical Tattoos & Ideas

Botanical plates are packed with illustrations of flowers, fruits and other treasures that are references for gorgeous Botanical tattoos.
Nature has always been the first source of inspiration for art. Artists, but also scientists and ordinary people are fascinated by its intricate creations, especially in the vegetal kingdom. Indeed, tradition gave a meaning to every vegetal, but tattooed people often prefer to favor associations with their very own memories, such as herbs reminding them a grand-mother, or a summer night with friends in a flowered garden. Plants are known for their smell, a powerful way to keep a memory in mind and also to revive it.
Botanical tattoos are also a great way to adorn your body, as vegetal shapes are very harmonious and thus, easily adaptable to the body's curves (remember, we are also a creation of Nature, so we are working perfectly together!). Climbing plants and blooming flowers would never clash with your anatomy, if you find a great placement and a good artist.
But tattoos of vegetals, for who? Gardeners, botanists, vegan people, Nature lovers, men or women... No matter your sex and why you want this tattoo, if you are craving for it, do it! Take a look at those tattoos and ideas for inspiration and if you still have no clue for your very own Botanical tattoo design, Tattoodo can help you!
Tattoo artist Alice Carrier at Anatomy Tattoo in Portland, Oregon, loves adorning the body of her clients with vegetals.
Fern leaves are an elegant tattoo with many cultural meanings from Maoris to paganism. But it indeed works for Nature lovers too. By Alice Carrier.
Nasturtium flower on shoulders by Alice Carrier.
Rosemary, also by Alice.
Bundle of aromatic herbs. A great cook tattoo? By Alice too.
Don't give me a bunch of flowers, give me a tattoo instead! Alice Carrier.
Flowers and leaves are making naturally beautiful tattoos following the curves of the body. By Alice.
Another vegetal curve-enhancer, by Caroline Karénine. Photo by Patrick Cockpit.
Nature is about tiny plants but also old and gigantic ones: trees! If you don't want the whole tree tattooed on you, get an original tattoo with this trunk cut. By David Hale.
Shallot tattoo by Kirsten Holliday from Wonderland Tattoo, Portland, Oregon.
Kirsten is another tattoo artist who likes to put pièces of Nature in her clients' skin.
Nature has no sex and botanical tattoos suit both men and women. Here a very romantic pair of couple tattoos by Kirsten Holliday.
Also by Kirsten.
Kirsten's work too.
The Physalys fruit with his delicate lantern shape and colorful heart is a pretty idea for a tattoo. Here by Koopa.
A bigger Physalys by Leïla of Dragon Tattoo in France. Here we also call this fruit "Love in a cage". Inspiring, right?
Elegant plant tattoo by Lionel Fahy.
Impressive and gorgeous work by Mike Amanita on this huge fern tattoo.
Botanical sleeve by Noelle Longhaul.
Vegetals are making great wrist tattoos, and Sasha Unisex did some interesting pieces with her watercolor painting style.
A temporary Tattoo by VictoriasAviary on Etsy, but a huge inspiration for a real tattoo!
Really elegant placement for this tattoo by Victor J Webster.
Ginkgo leaves can be used for original graphic designs. Lovely tattoo by Victor J Webster.
The soul of a gardener or a Nature lover? Read how to get your perfect botanical tattoo design with Tattoodo below...
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