35 Impressive Architecture Tattoos

35 Impressive Architecture Tattoos

Why just have something life-size inked on you, when you could have a tall cathedral, gigantic skyscraper or even a whole megalopolis?
That what architecture tattoos are all about: hugeness contained inside a human body. Architecture tattoos are bold because of their numerous, complex and spectacular lines and shapes. And in spite of their strict aspect, they are allowing unlimited creativity, from detailed cold realism to so-called naive and arty graphic ideas. The choice of the kind of architecture itself is opening possibilities: from something old, such as a temple, a church or an historical landmark, to a rather contemporary choice expressing your fondness for the urban strength! And you have a whole planet to pick your inspiration! You can declare your true love to a city, as a tourist or a native, to keep memories and traditions with you everywhere. You can also decide to create your very own world in a sleeve or back piece, with a fantasy cityscape, from science-fiction, book or dream. Not enough personal for you? For some people it is! Cities have always inspired artists, encouraged dreams and the pieces collected here are truly showing the genius of the people who built them, imaginated them and translated them into badass tattoos!
So, which building or which city is living inside your skin? Get some inspiration with those 35 fascinating Architecture tattoos which will allow you to travel by mind.
New York skyline and graphic effects: indeed it's the famous Photoshop style of Xoil.
Small yet intricate Notre Dame Cathedral by Victor J Webster
Fantasy castle by Valentin Hirsh.
Architecture sketch by Taiom.
A more illustrative and urban tattoo, by Taiom too.
Graphic mix of realistic LA skyline and geometry by Rafa Barragan.
Watercolor Madness by Petra Hlavackova.
A neat temple by black and grey master Oscar Akermo.
Building a full backpiece with the work of MxM!
Dramatic cathedral by Mikaël de Poissy.
The Chrysler Building from above my Miguel Bohigues.
Maris Pavlo captured the cityscape of Riga in Latvia.
Gloomy city by Lucy Hu.
Fantasy city by Liam Sparkes.
Temple and skull badassry by Jose Perez Jr.
Love the different influences on this artwork by Joey Pang of Tattoo Temple, HK.
European-like city by Joel Rich.
A Church in Fall by Jesse Rix.
Watercolor side tattoo of the Eiffel tower by Ivan Androsov.
Penn Station's intricate architecture by India Amara.
Welcome to Gotham! (unknown artist, please tell us if you know).
The work of Gene Coffey oscillates between blackwork and graphic.
Gene Coffey too.
Also by Gene Coffey.
A building on your arm, tattoo by Electro LadyLux.
Art Nouveau's Eiffel Tower by Easy Sacha.
Impressive depth in this realistic scene by Den Yakovlev! Don't fall!
Just a silhouette, for a bold and aesthetic tattoo (tell us the name of the artist please).
Badass Italian landmarks on the side by master Carlos Torres!
Brooklyn bridge and NY skyline with the Twin Towers at full moon by Billi Vegas.
Tiny and tasty Big Ben (tell us who is the artist please).
fantasy city by Bartosz Panas
Just a line, by Axel Ejsmont
A dream of travel, by Alex Tabuns.
A bridge to the other side... by Aleksandar Tattooartist.
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