5 Beautiful Tattoos From Shane O´Neill, First Winner Of Ink Master

Shane O'Neill won the first season of Ink Master thanks to his beautiful tattoos in black and grey.

As a clever designer and a capable tattoo artist, we couldn't expect anything from this guy except beautiful realistic black and grey tattoos.

Jim Morrison portrait tattoo
Jim Morrison portrait tattoo

Watch this Jim Morrison's head tattoo. Can be it more real without singing or dancing on this skin?

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TonyMontana (aka Scarface) tattoo
#TonyMontana (aka #Scarface) tattoo

This Tony Montana (aka Scarface) is going to kill us all because of the ability of Shane O'Neill, who made him more real than ever.

Albert Einstein portrait tattoo
Albert Einstein portrait tattoo

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Can scientists get inked? We don't know but we can see that people can get scientists tattooed. Black and grey tattoos need an elevated ability in the use of shadows but this doesn't seem to be a problem for Shane O'Neill.

Lion tattoo
Lion tattoo

Who doesn't love cats? Well, this lion isn't a cat but with those eyes can be the most cute and realistic feline that I've never seen.

Colorful Iron Maiden tattoo
Colorful Iron Maiden tattoo

Does anyone know that he is really capable also in colored tattoos? if you didn't know, watch carefully this Iron Maiden "The Trooper" tattoo, which doesn't leave any doubt on the ability of this tattoo artist.




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